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    Bottom paint re move?

    My bottom paint looks like crap. I have no idea how many coats of paint is in the boat. I also have no idea how the boat was prepped prior to paint. The boat lives on a trailer and I would like to get back to gelcoat. Any ideas how to remove it?
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    Best Fuel Stabilizer

    Use your boat more! I figured if the boat is run at least every 2 weeks I don’t need it. Plus all the funds I save on not buying stabilizer!
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    I have set the surface interference and surface clutter. I am on my second transducer from Garmin. They thought something was wrong with the ducer. As soon as I turn the unit on in the water the gain is automatically set to around 92-94%. It does not matter if I am on auto or not. This only...
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    At 100% gain and color increased to +4, with interference at high. I can not wash out the screen or add any additional artifact/noise. Thanks.
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    The transducer is the gt23m, so I have Chirp and traditional 83/160kHz. I can not tune it enough, starting to feel like it’s the head unit (1040xs)?
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    That is what I feel like I can’t get the head unit to do. At auto high it starts at 92-94%. At auto medium I’m at a couple of percent less. What head unit are you using?
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    Thank you for taking the tome to reply. On the second picture, on the right side of the photo I am marking with downvu but not traditional. On the third picture, left hand side, I am marking in downvu but not traditional. Do you think I should be able to increase the gain to see more...
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    Garmin - want more Gain

    Garmin 1040xs w/ GT23M I feel like I can’t get enough gain out of the unit. When I turn it on and set it to auto high gain it is at 92-94% depending on water depth and conditions. I only have another 6-8% of gain to add. I am not able to add enough gain to see fish. In simulation mode auto...
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    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    I had a 90 etec on a Montauk and loved it. Great on fuel and service every 300 hours. I have a Honda 90 now in my new boat and really like it but don’t like the 100 hour service plan.
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    Bisbee tournaments

    Get the whole story before you start! I promise it’s not what it looks like.
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    Dana 209,181 9/24

    Nice work! I was down on the 425 this morning. Wind started at 0900 and was nasty by 11:30. How was it on the 181?
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    One of the true hero’s that is never talked about. Worked for the subway system in NYC. He stopped all the subways coming into the bottom floor of the twin towers that day. As his boss was up his ass he knew it was the right thing to do! I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was on a...
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    WTB Any old Roddy for sale?

    Can get more pictures if this is something you are interested in
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    Sonar pics w/ questions

    I sent the pictures to Garmin. They think something is wrong with the transducer. They are sending a replacement. I hope this will help fix the issues. I could not be happier with the customer service.