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    how much do you want for all the norman deep little n's ? and would you ship ?

    how much do you want for all the norman deep little n's ? and would you ship ?
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    For Sale Lockable suv gun locker

    I have a used lockable gun locker, comes with the keys.carpeted on the inside and on the top of the box. 55.5 " L x 23.5" w x 8" tall I cant get the pictures to load up off my phone. I could try to text them if interested. $ 50.00
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    Set of 4 bfg all terrain tires (only)load range E. 4.5 years old, have about 20,000 miles on them. Came off of super duty 4x4. I cant get the pictures to load. I can try to text the pictures. $150.00 total for all 4.
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    For Sale PROGEAR Wahoo Special- PRICE DROP - $170!

    star drag, button it down and hold on, will freespool fine, unlike a lever drag. don't get caught up in the " how much drag can I get out of It " on a star drag. doesn't matter.
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    RIP Richard

    he was awesome, worked a tackle shop in the 90's, he would come in and give shit to our owner, they would go back and forth for an hour. it was our weekly show we had, without fail. you will be and are missed. His son Jason is a great guy as well, my condolences to his family.
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    So you go on a 8 day trip

    what boat did that happen on ?
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    the blob

    Excellent fall fishing
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    The frisco council declared the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization.