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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    The "AI" in Kwells is Hyoscine Hydrobromide 300 micrograms. This is the same ingrediients as Scopace only half as much. Scopolamine is a generic name for Hyoscine Hydrobromide. Kwells does give you a buzz.... I take it when I leave my house and when I get to the boat ramp, about 10 min...
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    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Dam Steve you make it sound like you are retired or something... I know it isn't because your getting older because we are about the same age.... yeah those days of going out back to back days are a little harder... okay impossible. I used to jump right up when working on my truck.... now I'm...
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    BD members are good people!

    This is a dumb question but I have seen people fight this cause they didn't know.... you did open the bleeder screw on it right? I saw two guys working their ass off trying to lift theirs so I stopped to help them, I have lifted mine several times by myself and they were working it pretty...
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    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    Hey it's only money, and there is no price you can put on the satisfaction of doing it yourself and the hours of fun you get from your labor. Just my opinion and I could be wrong, I was wrong once before.
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    Need your motor expertise

    I was thinking the same thing. especially at idle I would think the battery would have enough in it that it wouldn't be noticeable until it started turning more rpms, especially when these motors only run on 2 cyl. until about 2000 rpm. But one of the things, going by the book, your supposed...
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    Need your motor expertise

    do a leak down test... best diagnostic for 2 stokes, you can check internal seals. listen for air leaks, wd40, soapy water for the obvious places
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    Kevin, I saw two guys in an old wooden bathtub and a tiny outboard on it in the La Jolla kelp beds one time.... just have to remember there is a fine line between balls and stupidity. I must admit I have crossed that line myself at one time or another.
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    hey Paul my boat is going to be down or a couple of weeks and I am available and looking for a ride so if you are fishing in San Diego and need a partner let me know. I broke my phone and it is in the shop, if it isn't fixed by Monday I am going to buy another one, you can message me in here or...
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    Islands Tail by the tail 9/12

    I'll get up to watch the sunrise and then go back to bed. If you took that jacket off you would have caught more fish :rofl:
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    4 NEW TRAILER TIRES save $114.60

    gonzo25 submitted a new listing: 4 NEW TRAILER TIRES save $114.60 - 4 NEW TRAILER TIRES save $114.60 Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California 4 NEW TRAILER TIRES $200 save $124.92

    KENDA Loadstar ST205/75D 14 Bias Trailer Tire - Load Range C Original price $81.23 ea. All Four $200.00 you save $124.92 0 miles 6 mo. old
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    Anyone want to fish, I fish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    Are you fishing Oceanside or San Diego? I'm not familiar with that brand or model boat. I don't fish the bay, did that every day as a kid but if you are talking about the kelp beds or off shore I will go with you or buddy boat. I have an 18' Invader, I don't work (professional fun haver) so...
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    what would you do?

    SMYLEE I'm not sure I understand your post or you understood my question. The only attitude I mentioned was my own because it is about people in general. This wasn't about California vs Florida the video was made in Florida but it could have been from anywhere. My attitude towards people in...
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    what would you do?

    I watched a video my friend Bill had about guys in Florida using artificial reefs and structures and how effective they were with fish on them in 45 min. My thought was the reefs could be doable but a floating structure would never work here. I told my friend that and he said keep watching...