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    Looking to fabricate ALUM - do you weld?

    I'm located in Murrieta. I have a Miller Sycrowave Tig I do side work with.
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    The Aluminum boat photo album

    Love the tin cans. Re-Built an 18' 1981 bay runner. Finished early 2018. One of these days I'll post the full build on here. A fabricator's project.
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    I did not... Frustrated man. Going to try and call lowrance one of these days when I have the...

    I did not... Frustrated man. Going to try and call lowrance one of these days when I have the time to wait on hold. Possibly send it to them & get credit toward new unit before the 5 year mark. My unit is 4 1/2 years old. This is what i was told by local shop. I'll update you soon.
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    HDS7 Gen3 Sonar not working- Lowrance repair locally?

    Worked fine with this transducer for 2 years, Unit is about 4 years old. Everything else works, GPS, Transducer reads temp. Just 3 dotted lines for depth. Thought it was the transducer so I bought a new one, standard 83/200 skimmer & same result. Tried Hard reset multiple times. Selected the...
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    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    We tried packin macs with meth once... They stopped eating for sure but when we tried to leave, our lower unit was 1/2 taken apart...
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    Boccaccio limit

    LOL Bocrapio
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    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Buuuuuuut the sales guy at the Parker dealership said "You can do what ever the fuck you want in this boat"
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    I asked, said 16k for CC, bare
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    A guy in Newport got his first CAT, battle ship grey CC. The dude has amazing skills for sure. I enjoy seeing his updates on IG.
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    How to prepare sashimi

    The yellowtail you get at the sushi bars are farm raised in a big pen. Fattened up & Its definitely more tender. I think well taken care of local fish can be just as good. I like to take my fish whole from the boat. Like Done_deal said, you need to take proper care of the fish to have sushi...
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    reaming will chew up the hypalon in my experience, Like Robert said above, check out youtube how to videos. Another great method is using compressed air
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    Offshore GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Thanks for the report!! Well done! Ive recently converted some colt snipers to jigging style, with the assist hooks from the top... Extremely good success on the deep structure bass. How were you working the knife jig? Speed jig N wind or straight retrieve?
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    El Niño officially announced

    :rofl: Hell yea! My old 15' Gregor was named " Man bear pig"
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    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    Thought it was the same boat, I know the guy.. good dude, He is very happy with it