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    Salt Fever

    Congrats! Are you selling the Cabo?
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    For Sale 2017 GRAND DESIGN MOMENTUM 349M

    I bought the trailer new in Oct 2017, and used it a few times. It has been stored indoors. I thought I would see if anyone here is interested before I put it on rv trader. I don't have any additional pics at this time, but there are many available on the grand design site and rv trader. The...
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    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    Trailer Valet XL Pro is a beast. They are local in so cal.
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    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    Mag Bay 42
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    Salt Fever

    I saw that Salt Fever was for sale. Did it sell before I could get my offer in?
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    Bottom cleaning Huntington Harbor

    New to HH and looking for a good bottom cleaner in HH. Thanks Steve
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    WTB 40' Slip Newport Beach

    Looking for a 40' slip in Newport Beach Thanks Steve
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    Boat Transporter Referral for 30' Boat HELP PLEASE!

    Try Colt is top notch. 850-791-4149
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    My New Parker build

    Nice rig! I can't understand why you didn't want to pay 20-30% more for a boat from a calif dealer?:rolleyes:
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    Thanks Dan. It looks like the reservation site is down until Tuesday. I will check back then. Steve
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    Canvas work

    Does anyone have a good referral for canvas work in orange county? Thanks
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    Can you reserve a mooring? Are for sale signs allowed?
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    Dan, I still have a skipjack 24 that needs a new home,since I recently bought a new boat . This sounds like a great event. I'm in if i haven't sold it by then. Steve
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Nice work. I did mine a couple of years ago. I used West Systems for the build. Awlgrip in the bilges...its rolls or brushes with good results and Awlcraft 2000 sprayed for the top sides. Keep up the good work.
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    Need recommendations for bow pulpit/paint

    Dave, I installed a similar pulpit in my 24. It worked out good. Pics should be in the show me your skipjack thread from about a year ago.