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    RIP Tunabelly

    Oh man. He will be surely missed. Kenji and George will be fishing together again. I was just thinking about him the other day. My first yt was a handoff by him. Rip
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    Boat accident off pt Loma at 10:30 this morning?

    Rip to the dead. It's not worth it
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    NRA, worth joining? look up what they have been fighting for. Also the nra is still going strong no reason to abandon them just because they don't want to be incorporated in New York anymore.
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    Shore sharks

    Thought you went to Japan. Welcome back
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    Anyone know if nacho opens on Christmas Day?

    God bless the social distance king.. anyone know his real name? Only known him as nacho for ever
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    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Wait forget it. I figured it out. Awesome grandson. Prayers for your family
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    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    I need last 4 digits of your phone (sorry I'm not that good with all this electronic payments. Prayers for grandma
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    Contractor to Building

    What's the average price for a separate adu per sq feet?
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    How long do you usually smoke them for? Is it an hour for every 4to5 lbs? So I'm looking at a 4 hour smoke?
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    I'm going to try this on a 17lb bird. They didn't have a 12 lb so I hope the 17th isn't too bad.
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    Revo toro beast VS NACL

    People are saying the new fanthom low profile is an upgraded beast
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    Has this been confirmed? Seems like the fanthom has more bearings?
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    Leaving Boody Decks

    Lol he is making himself seem so innocent here.... Ahhh man I missed the fun
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    3 day trip postponed to OD?

    Geez what a mess