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    Oside 7-20-16

    Love the North County success stories. Good going.
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    Islander 1.5d 7/19-21

    I rode on the Dolphin last Sunday and had fun, see my write up in the Inshore reports section. The boat found plenty of fish right off the point. Could be worth considering for you and your youngster.
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    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    Ultimately same result. Since I hooked one and brought him in, but eventually came off at the boat I say I lost it. Those that I brought in only a raked bait, short bit, missed a hook set entirely, broke off... I farmed. In my use of the words anyway.
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    Any recent feedback for Long Run?

    Here's my follow-up on our six pack charter 7/17. To start things on a positive note, I will say that skipper Blake was accommodating and mostly pleasant. That's it for the start. The Long Run is not a fishing boat. This has been mentioned in many reviews that can be found on the web. I am...
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    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    Last minute decision to stick around town and I rode on the Dolphin for the afternoon bite. Quite a few folks maybe 50 aboard. After getting lots of bait we quickly pulled up to a spot right off the point. Found fish pretty much immediately, crew did a great job bringing them up the whole...
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    Congratulations! That's sick!
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    Value of the trip description

    I have been hesitating to get on 1.5+ trips because I'm confused about the trip info regarding passports. I assume that just because the trip description doesn't explicitly say "Passport required" that doesn't mean the they won't be required if/when there is "last minute" a decision to head to...
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    Pig Bluefin ToadsToadsonly style

    Great story! Congrats on your light tackle tuna!!