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    Inshore mako

    Only one slip away from an emergency room visit-if you make it back to shore. 300 lb. mako on a yak is almost a death wish to me. But then I'm a chicken I guess.
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    Cory update Thursday

    Great news. Hope recovery goes well as well.
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    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    What is the big broom tail from in picture #3? Black sea bass? OOPs #4 picture
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    Box o’ Rocks

    We bought a striper from Sea Witch years ago. Top notch crew for sure.
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    Cat shitfish report

    Smuggling submarine that was a little off course.
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    Crashing Tuna LJ

    Saw from shore with binocs?
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    Commercial fishing net

    Netting seems really destructive and indiscriminate as far as what is caught and killed etc. However if this is being penned along with Feinstein I'm betting there is a lot more to it than just saving fish. Haven't read it but that's their usual MO.
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    Lake Mead holiday

    I made a trip out over the holiday weekend and fished solo Saturday and Sunday mornings. Action was pretty consistent and I wound up with a couple fish each day in the 3 hours I devoted to fishing. The rest of the time was towing people in tubes etc. since it was a family oriented trip. Best...
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    Lake Mead

    heading out tomorrow for the weekend . Still around? Any hot tips?
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    Vegas wash

    We were there last weekend and did ok. Nothing too big but we managed to get stripers and smallmouth which we had never caught before. Lots of underwater hazards in Las Vegas bay area.Screwed up my prop like 100 yards from shore on a finger sticking way out-totally unmarked.
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    Loveland Reservoir??

    I stopped by on the way home a month ago-mid May? Did pretty good in a short amount of time. Lots of cover and snags everywhere. Need to go weedless for sure.
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    san diego 3/4

    Scheduled to head out tomorrow morning. Forecast is looking like it's starting to settle down. What everyone think about the weather?
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    Big yellow local

    Damn 42 lbs. what general area? La jolla ?
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    San Vicente opening Sept 22, 2016

    We went on Sunday. fishing was good to start then the boat traffic and wind sent it into a downward spiral. White caps for sure-they really sucked. Ended the day at 11 with about 10-12 for 4 of us. 1 really nice red ear.
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    San Vicente opening Sept 22, 2016

    Anybody know what live baits might be allowed? I.E. shad , crawdads etc.?