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    New reel purchase with free spectra?

    Longfin did first 300yds free for me
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    WTB Yamaha Outboard

    Looking to upgrade my Parker 2120. In search of 200, 225 or 250HP Yamaha used motor. 25" shaft with low to med hours. PM me if you have something I have cash in hand.
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    Looking for Parker bench seat / also looking for storage tackle station

    Joe I have a 50" Bench that came out of my 2003 21' parker. I reupholstered it 3 years ago its in nice shape. Text me if you want some pictures 949-633-6988. Josh
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    Parker - new electronic package

    don't forget you will probably want to upgrade your battery system as well if you are running all of these electronics. Need 2 house and 1 starter so add another 3-5k on the budget.
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    Boat Pouches or Parker Pouches

    Call Ernesto direct and skip the middle man 100% mark up 949-922-2383
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    Bill Fisher CH-18 Swager

    bought it a few months ago from Melton’s. Excellent condition. $100 firm Possibly open to a trade of some sort.
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    4 Jamo 6.5CS House speakers

    Or trade. These are brand new without box and have never been hooked up. I bought them 3 months ago. $275OBO Text for pics 949-633-6988
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    GLoomis SWBR

    Still Available
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    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Flown in 100 times and never checked a reel
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Amberjack is the bomb and definitely worth bringing some back. Similar flavor to yellowtail with a little more rockfish of a texture. Use fresh Triggerifsh for ceviche and tacos. Not worth bringing back. IMO Remember... no ice in your cooler, they will make you dump it. It's best to bring back...