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    New archery regs

    Thanks for all the insightful data driven answers.
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    New archery regs

    Seems archery elk on the East side has been dramatically reduced. Anyone smarter than me know why? I’m sure for good reasons but clarification would be enlightening. Thanks
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    Wounded warrior services offered

    Done. Thank you!
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    Wounded warrior services offered

    This is no cost for wounded warriors, do have merc kicker for sound etc. no go fast boat but it is a willies!!!
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    Wounded warrior services offered

    I would love to give back. Have drift boat and do a variety of fishing including fly fishing/instruction. The least I could do is offer a float down a local river. Would love to team up with others to support those that have given for us. Pm if interested or have connections to support such...
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    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    Andre: I met u Wednesday night at the docks and gave a swim bait and hooks and talked a bunch about hunting. Glad u got into fish, had a great time and made it back safe. Good group here lots of good info. Tuna is addicting! Cheers mike
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    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Just walked by it at docks.... WOW! Congrats, she’s a beauty!!!!
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    Westport 7/13-14

    I’m sitting in whitefish, wish I could of fished with you. Glad u got the family out!
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    Spotting scope suggestions

    Once again would like your input on gear. Wanting a good piece of glass that can pack. Would love a swar but must be somewhat financially responsible. Thanks in advance.
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    Wp Tuesday

    Got 3 long fins with 2 coming in the bottom of the 9th. Started 45 miles ssw, worked out and s. Very little life except for a few jumpers right of the bat. Threw bait and jigs for no love. Trolled for a while, stopped on some marks and picked up one. Kept trolling and stopping on marks but we...
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    Salmon scale aging

    Not salmon but I've done many for steelhead. Seen some nice 3 salt fish which is an amazing journey for those fish! If I can help let me know.
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    GPS recommendation

    This why I asked the experts! Thanks
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    GPS recommendation

    Thanks for the replies.
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    GPS recommendation

    What do u guys use? I solo archery hunt and would like to have an extra tool for exploring. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks mike
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    2012 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    Use to fish on a similar one with a friend of Harold's out of morro bay. Those are solid boats that eat bad weather. Extremely safe and stable. Wish I had the coin. Glws