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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Gonzo, Hey. This year I have yet to get a response to email. I use the one you gave. Also, I only get a receipt. Not the other form that says it’s good for 180 days. Is that your experience as well?
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    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    Dana Landing Boat Ramp was 3/4 full of boat trailers this morning.....Nuff said for me!
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    El Sueno new call list!

    Doug, Can you send me your list when it is finished. I bought your helium tank. Although I probably won’t be a member of your crew, I’d still enjoy working some water together. I’ve got your number. Expect a call/text when the season heats up. As for the list, most of it is just plain...
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    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update

    I got an email yesterday. They confirmed the annual license option is now available
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    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update

    Happy New Year: This is for you folks that get the Annual Mexican Fishing License Online. If any of you noticed, the Annual Option is not available currently online. So I decided to email the Mexican Government Fishing “powers to be.” And this is what they said..... so sit tight it’s coming...
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    Islands 1/3

    Thanks for the heads up on the declaration form. I think DFG is zeroing in on that form because we can still get rockfish in Mexico...... Did they check your NFMM/Biosphere to verify you indeed had an intended Mexican Adventure at the islands?
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    Full speed ripper 10/10

    I must chime in. And I agree, Cody, Cory and Michael...I appreciate you guys. Even though we may not actually be sharing the water on the same day, I appreciate our exchange of information. And I hope I have helped you guys as much as you have helped or reassured me. And you three have led...
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    Full speed ripper 10/10

    Cody, You’re the “Tuna Whisperer!” Well done!
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    Anyone Lose a Hoop Net Friday Night/Sat Morning (in San Diego)?

    Thanks. Got one response but it was a pier guy on OB pier....Kinda cracked me up, but.....
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    Line capacity of Makaira 30

    I just filled my Mak30 with 130# and it took 700 yards(Tuf Line).....not sea
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    Lobster report 10/5 Newport

    I concur.....Please freakin’ use lit buoys..... More than that.....Please freakin not “run dark” Definition, no lights on boat at all and worse no lights on buoys...... VERY SKETCH!
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    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    Great job and with only 5 nets! I wish my wife liked buggin....
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    Anyone Lose a Hoop Net Friday Night/Sat Morning (in San Diego)?

    Found a Hoop net early Saturday morning. We were out till 2am and saw it’s 9 other brothers earlier and it was all lonely by itself at 2am as we were the only peeps hooping in that area at that time..... So, if you can tell me where, the description and the very light unreadable numbers on it...