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    Sept Hali day in MA1&2

    That's how wdfw controls participation.
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    Sept Hali day in MA1&2

    Ma1 & 2 Halibut day: September 24. Last hali day of year.
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    Saltwater MA2 closes to salmon

    Tuesday 9/7 @ midnight... Fyi
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    Time for new boots and bibs…

    Englunds big sale is this weekend. Grundens for boots, most comfortable i have ever worn. Bibs, check out the new brand Englunds has...they do have grundens in fluorescent green too.
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    Yup, big mother!

    Yup, big mother!
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    Saltwater Westport Butt

    Should answer that question...
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    Saltwater Coho in MA2, STUPID FISHING

    Coho fishing is better than i have seen in 45 yrs right now...go get sum. A few pictures of this weekend. Coho up to 28".
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    Got a Venture trailer in Westport trailer storage?

    Oh but it is...nothing said it was in wood...
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    Voter Voice: we want A7 Sept opportunity!

    These seasons are set at NOF and PFMC. The state can't change them once they hit quota for that area except to close it. Good luck...wish you the best.
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    Got a Venture trailer in Westport trailer storage?

    Thats funny chit right there... Thats why they make blue locktight..
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    Any got tuna coords?

    Grady Gary is running miss eliza... My choice, 40 miles nw, green water fish...big
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    Aluminum welder Maple Valley area?

    Talk to Kevin @lifetime up in the Renton highlands. He has a tig at home in maple vally too. Contact me if you want his info. Great fabricator.
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    Saltwater Westport salmon report?

    Good luck getting out tuesday if forecast holds, Wednesday a maybe, thursday is much better...go find them for me for
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    La Push Moorage

    Wdfw....nothing else too say...
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    La Push Moorage

    Westport is open for hali august 27th and agian for 1 day, to be announced, in sept...just fyi.