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  1. WTS. 2 rail rods.

    Southern California WTS. 2 rail rods.

    I have for sale 1 seeker ssr 2x3 rod. 80-130lb 360$ The other rod is a phenix HAX 720x3H 60-130lb 340$ Both are in 9/10 cosmetic Shoot me a DM or text me 6198827266
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    WTS. 2 rail rods.

    ge0rgezter submitted a new listing: WTS. 2 rail rods. - WTS. 2 rail rods. Learn more about this listing...
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    94 48hp lower unit

    What’s up BD, I’m in the search for a 1994 48hp Evinrude lower unit. Our lower unit gave out and well I’m trying my luck here to see if someone is selling a similar motor for parts with a working lower unit or just the lower unit by itself. Trying to get the boat back on the water ASAP. Thank you.
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    Del mar

    Send me pics. Still looking for the perfect boat for me. I’m really looking at montauks right now but they are pricey
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    Del mar

    Just thought I’d post this because these are hard to come by. Not mine.
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    Clean center console

    What boat is it? Send me a pm
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    Clean center console

    I asked for pics already. Same here, I like those arimas but they are up north
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    BW 17’ Project Boat ...

    I’m still interested. I sent you a PM
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    Clean center console

    Been searching for a while but with fishing on fire its hard to get a clean boat for around that price. They want to sell a project boat for 6k
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    Clean center console

    I am in search of a clean center console, 15-17ft Overall length of boat and trailer must be under 23ft. My budget is 10k as on right now. Let me know what you have, I’ll even consider side consoles as well. Thank you
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    15' calibogie

    A 15cc just sold like 2 weeks ago for 5k I was 30min late
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    14' - 16' Aluminum Boat

    You guys are quick!! I was getting ready to ask for address and he sold it lol
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    14' - 16' Aluminum Boat

    Link to this auction?