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    Thank for the report, it makes me feel better about this weekend.
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    Neah Bay Kings

    Some of the best fishing and fastest action I've other than Westport Coho fishing 2 years ago. Capt Poon is the master.
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    Honor Roll

    Wow I hope I do as good as she did. Awesome catch, looks like you all had an amzing time.
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    Neah "warm up" 5/8-5/9

    She is your good luck charm, looks like it was an incredible day. Thanks for sharing.
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    Neah Bay Halibut

    Yep wearing makeup....I seriously need to double check my spelling and wear my glasses.
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    Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    Might want to buy some loc-tite for your reel rookie! LOL Oh and rockfish is closed...hahahaha
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    Neah Bay Halibut

    It will be our teams first time fishing out there for the BUTTS and big KingLINGS but can't wait. There are lots of GPS #'s out there but you never know how good they are or truthful. I've heard SW corner over and over and then head out West and find a spot out on the prarie. Hopefull the...
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    Neah bay Coast halibut fishing

    Neah bay Coast halibut fishing