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    fly to cedros

    flying to cedros 8-24 15 to 8 29 15. flying from san diego brown field to cedros and back. this wil save about 7 or 8 hours of travel time.this will allow to bring back more than 50 lbs of fish the others will let you bring back. also have abalone dinner planned for the 4 of us. looking for one...
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    Going to Cedros at the end of the month...anybody have a recent report?

    I have a trip to cedros 8_24 to 8_29 -15 4 and a half days fishing. Fly from san diego brown field to cedros and back to san diego am sure to beat others prices. was there last year,now I know.Looking for 1 person. we like to have a few beers. on this trip ,we will be able to take...
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    Cedros Island panga trip

    Going to Cedros Island 8-24 to 8-29 -15. one person short of 4. The 3 of us like to have good time , drinking is done.Have been to one of the others, and would not go again.The other has not returned call in 4 months. There is a new operation at the hotel on the island,where the others...
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    Condor- Business 101

    i think all the money they get for bunk fee payed for that trip. will not go on a boat that charges 11 bucks to change pillow case and fold a blanket. full load over 300 bucks bull shit and good luck
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    What is working on Bluefin grounds?

    your starting to jones eddy,you ask alot for a guy with 2 100 lb plus blue fin tuna. i like how your stepping up in fishing. hope you and your son have a great trip.your bro
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    Vagabond RiceBowl Charter with new RiceBowl Girl!

    fishy ,she looks like the real deal,ringer
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    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    i understand the fuel charge, what i dont get is 11 bucks for a bunk.the boat condor had 26 guys on board at 11 per 286 bucks to make up the bunks 275+30+11 just to get on boat i will not fish that boat ever again.18 bucks more at fishermans landing than seaforth
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    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    6day trip9-6 to 9-12 2001 went straight to the rocks 54 wahoo all about 55lbs by about 12-30 pm.ten min. later mother load of yft al 55 to 60 lbs 2 at about 100 lbs. total for the day was 289 yft 54 wahoo 20 dorado 15 yellows. woke up early , fish were still there, and we put another...
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    2012 El Nino prediction now 50%

    sounds alot like tv weather forecast in january. someone says el nino,goverment says la nina. can someone tell us what the fuck is happing now.please explain in easy english,not like charts
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    leaving early

    going on first lower zone trip this yr.if you left early,you should have had your chances.imo,.. do not want bass or cod. this trip is the only one i will ever be able to go on.i want to fish only tuna.wahoo
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    Shogun / Captn Arron

    i fished with him last year.he did great job on the b.f.t. at the pens.he was stopping on schools in the black. when i got up at 5 am, there was a 45 lb bft in the box.i hope he does great.good luck shogun
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    just got off phone with mike of pac. star.wsb biting off nuke plant. 50 boats. have fun boys
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    need shrinkwrap sleeve for rod

    electrical supply store should have,and many colors.try big stores
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    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    look,the guy was fishing,fishing. w.t.f..go catch a panga or bad guy.he was fishing.this is great.what is more important than banding together as family