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    Team Hoo Excel July 8 Day July 9th

    Sadly :(, I have to miss out on you guys this year. The Team Hoo trip was scheduled one day too early for me to be able to make it work. I booked a 7-day that leaves on July 10th instead, so I will definitely see you out on the waters. I will wave from afar if I see you out there! Don't forget...
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    Excel 8 day July 16th Anyone else on this trip?

    I'll be on the Team Hoo trip!! In addition to shining and spinning my reals every single day (that are all laid out on the living room floor, of course), I'm preparing a much more accessible play list on my iPhone than last year (I'm sincerely hoping for the beautiful speaker set up). Some folks...
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    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    I'm considering a 2.5 or 3 day to tide me over till my 8 day in Mid July. Plus I have a friend who wants to "try" it out. Of course, I am a little worried about being *that guy* who brings the new guy, but I might give it a go! I checked this morning and found many trips in the 1.5 to 3 day...
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    Shipping cost for your catch

    If you don't pay attention, it doesn't matter. You're going to get it all shipped anyway, just sign on the dotted line. I have had my 8 and 10 day trip fish shipped from SD to Denver Airport by Five Star for many years and I have never checked to see how much I spent -- just like with fishing...
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    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    Okay, I'm convinced about the hollow...time to learn new I did last year when I became convinced about the value of the Bloody Mary in the morning. Valerie
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    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    Let me put it this way, I live in Boulder, CO. I'm still dealing with home damage due to the mid-September "biblical-scale" flood, and now its snowing. Yes. It's snowing. All I know is 11 more days until my 10-day on the Indi !!! Not only am I experiencing the "week-before-fishing-buy-more-shit"...
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    What's the weather like down the Rocks/ Ridge in Oct

    Last I heard (Sept. 17th) 6 or so LR boats were out in 20-25 knot winds at Cedros trying to stay away from the weather offshore. So, like the other guys are saying, you never prepared for all types of weather and seasonal hurricanes.
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    Favorite reel for 30, 40, and 50 Lb.

    Not enough line capacity, though enough drag to do the job on a bigger fish. I got spooled on a 70+ size BFT on my Andros on a July 2012 trip on the Excel. The captain told us to leave out a 30# rig for the trip home and we ran into some larger grade BFT. I had left my "go to" Andros out and...
  9. Excel HotDeckDudes2ss

    Excel HotDeckDudes2ss

  10. Tuna doradoshorts2ss

    Tuna doradoshorts2ss

  11. Excel 8 day July 2013

    Excel 8 day July 2013

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    LR prices went up next year

    There are only a few numbers that actually matter in fishing: (1) The number of days till your next trip and (2)...well, I guess that's it...and if I counted correctly, that would be 59 for me! My point is: I'm going. Nothing else matters*. Just tell me where to sign. ...Oh, and of course that...
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    Lets see the trips you booked for the 2013-2014

    8-day - Excel - June 30-July 8 10-day - Independence - October 15-25
  14. Indi Crew (July 2011)

    Indi Crew (July 2011)

  15. Tarpon...on a little 14lb spinning rig!!

    Tarpon...on a little 14lb spinning rig!!