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    "HOO Nation" INDEPENDENCE 7 Day July 10-17

    Great report, keeping me stoked, thanks for taking the time!
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    Blufin BluBallz

    Too funny, been there many times, I call it bluefin watching not fishing
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    Fishing glasses for the blind

    These are a great value
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    Local San Diego shops selling ALPS guides?

    Fishermans Landing Tackle would be likely to stock them
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    Big Bear Late Report - Flylining Chovy for Big Rainbows

    I caught a 3# bow full of shad at BBL
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    Offshore 1.5 Day On the Polaris Supreme 4/5 - the “Unicorn” Trip

    Wow, you write a great report! Really sounds like a fine boat captain and crew operation. I can't wait till June 26 trip on this boat
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    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    3k? To ride on the beach? The salt is gonna destroy it. Just get a beach cruiser with gears and a stainless chain. I rode one surf fishing on the beach with 3 rocket launchers for years. Use one flip flop for the kickstand
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    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    Fucking flat falls! Based on what I have read I have amassed a whole collection, 3 different styles terminal tackle, tons of extra assist hooks, most all of it has been fished hard, but never gotten a fucking bite, and I have never seen anyone get a bite on one of these infernal fucked-up...
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    need advice - need to locate my freezer outside - shaded spot - upright or chest?

    Frost buildup happens when you open the door. With an upright freezer the door is open much less time, so they have less frost buildup. Get an alarm. Mine (about $20) has remote sensors, you can set the temp that the alarm sounds.
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    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Booked June 26 4 day with my best friend
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    need advice - need to locate my freezer outside - shaded spot - upright or chest?

    Upright is the only way to go if you ask me. You can see and find everything in it. Nothing gets buried at the bottom.
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    San Quintin Estuary Fishing

    I've read about Halibut and Bonefish on BD
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    Intrepid food porn