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    6/30 Mussel Farm

    now I know why nobody gives out info half the people get mad when you post a good catch with out some idea were it was caught the other half cry like they just gave away some info that ruined there year the farm is a well known place just like izors np reef and others fishing in the right spot...
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    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    Some guys are jerks the guy who got all pissy would probably poach a patty quicker that anyone you did fine everyone wants to catch fish just be respectable and smart
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    Big halibut surprise

    Went out Saturday to izor reef drifted off the reef told the guys to reel up to move fired up the boat one of my buddies says hold on he was hooked up after a five minute tug of war up comes a monster halibut gaff comes out and game over didn't weigh it but by far the biggest catch I have ever...
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    King size Halibut surprise

    Was drifting just north of izors and was about to move when on of the guys that was fishing with me hooked up on something big after about five minutes up came this monster from the deep grabbed the gaff and game over didn't weigh it but it was the Biggest halibut I have seem to date
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    For Sale 2690 triton twin four stroke hondas

    2003 200 four stroke Honda's. Low hours. Head, hot water heater, outriggers, garmin and furuno electronics, shore power, 110-12 volt frig, windless, 35 gal bait tank, new aluminum bunk trailer. Asking $42,000. Tony 562.480.1921
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    Tax man came to play

    No hook on that line Like I said I only sight fish I never blind fish for sharks don't like to deal with blue sharks or big grey and white one 's
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    Tax man came to play

    He didn't have any really big marks on him I think it's just the way the water is shedding off him
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    Tax man came to play

    Two small makos stayed around while He was there I only sight fish for this very reason I want to know what is biting my line
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    Tax man came to play

    Was out Saturday doing a little shark fishing when this guy showed up stuck around for four hours just circling the boat and rubbing up against it every now and then was like Nat Geographic seemed like he was used to being around boats had a old tag of some sort on it but couldn't tell if it was...
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    HB 9/1

    When to cat Sunday morning weather was beautiful but cooler than expected started at east end for nothing moved to church rock fishing along the way for a few calico horrible water color gave up moved around the front side for almost no action made it to empire dead seals were the worst I have...
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    Best floro to mono knot?

    Fg knot is very strong and not to hard to tie lots of you tube videos out there I only use three mono to braid knots Bimini to a 21 turn alright the fg and the rp knot for real heavy mono all are good and all test over75% of line strength
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    *Lobster Thieves*

    Those are the kind of guys who tail every lobster they catch legal or not they obviously don't have any morals big cc with twin Honda's pretty easy to spot have twin Honda's on a cabin boat so I notice other boats with Honda's I will definitely keep a eye out for these punks
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    First mako for fabian

    Chumed about two hours plus one hour of power slick showed up hot right behind the boat hit the swim step I had the leader tied on to small of a rig so had to tie it on a bigger setup by the time I threw him a bait he didn't hesitate
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    First mako for fabian

    Just fine it fit in the boat perfect thanks for asking
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    First mako for fabian

    Never heard that before good to know if it s a fact I will look in to it thanks for the info