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    Single vs Twins

    Did you run a 4 blade on you Almar? I keep wondering if a 4 blade would help me on heavily loaded trips. I don’t want to give up much too end though.
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    Do you have a price list?
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    Sekiu winter launching and moorage

    I am not familiar with Sekiu at all but thinking about doing a winter diving trip over there. Are there places to launch the boat and moor in the winter time? Would be nice not to pull the boat each day if I didn’t have to.
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    Canadian border closure extended

    Well at least the Trudeau and Trump are on the same page...:frehya2: Maybe someone can adopt me:
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    Kodak TUNA Trip 9 21

    The hook in the finger is a good reminder to have a decent tool on the boat to cut the barb off a hook off.
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    Free 3 shelf humidor

    You were the first to call dibs. I need to swing by next time I head down south. Still have the Metzler weights for you.
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    Free 3 shelf humidor

    Looks like 23” tall by 12” wide and 10” deep
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    Free 3 shelf humidor

    Like it says free three shelf humidor. Used to enjoy cigars quite a bit but since having a kid I don’t smoke around her. Been sitting in my garage for a while so it is a bit dusty. Will need the humidifier thingie replaced as it is all dried out.
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    Downrigger balls for sale

    Let me know when you are selling “The Reel” :)
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    Experienced Ho.

    What happened to your ride?
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    Canadian border closure extended

    At this point I just hope it is open for next summer! Pretty sure the fish up there missed me.
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    2006 Yamaha 250 issue

    Thanks. Plan is to run off an auxiliary tank and start the troubleshooting there.
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    2006 Yamaha 250 issue

    I guess for some reason it seems to me that it is a sensor or ECM issue because all I have to do is turn the motor off and back on and everything works fine. It is repeatable 100% of the time. Start motor get up to 4600 RPMs, cruise around fine (5 minutes to 3 hours no difference), slow to...
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    2006 Yamaha 250 issue

    Thanks for the response. We just replaced the transom mounted fuel water separator, under cowling fuel separator, and the VST filter as part of our annual service this year. Issue was occurring before the filter swaps and still after our swap. There was some water noted in the fuel system so...
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    2006 Yamaha 250 issue

    Our family boat up in Alaska developed a weird motor problem I can’t figure out. The motor is a 2006 Yamaha 250 with about 1100 hours on it. Everything appears fine but if you are running and then come down off plane with the motor idling when you go to start throttling up the motor again I...