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    WTB large gun safe

    Coastal Farm Store in Oregon is having Black Friday 30 Gun safe for $599.00 regular $799.00…. Buy 2?!? No sales tax.. 😳
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    For the Goat

    Sorry to hear!! Interesting that two months ago you explained her tongue and heart issues were related to a spike proteins…. And now this…. Definitely a plausible link, but they will….. Deny….. deny……. Deny!
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    California Boats

    Actually…… there is a ton of state money through grants for repowering of the vessels.. it’s whacky and doesn’t pencil, but if you can show 2 years of ownership in CA they offer huge repower money…. Out old boat is in Ensenada but my partner and I were surprised by the offering.:.
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    Thrasher 6’ 50-100 Build.

    Whatever you like… latter 1/3 my ass… load it up with a big ass fish and watch that fucker bend all the way to the foregrip.. The best wrappers in the world agree the transition should occur in 2 or three guides… Some use a bumper, others don’t like the look, but stretching it out to 5 guides...
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    Thrasher 6’ 50-100 Build.

    I did quite a bit of research 20 years ago on the spiral (Roberts Wrap). You can make the transition much faster than you are doing it. The whole concept is to get the line pulling down as soon as you can to eliminate twist. The longer transition the more twist your adding where you really want...
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    Thrasher 6’ 50-100 Build.

    I am talking about the Titanium Turbo guides. Seeker uses them on their Super Seekers and a lot of rod builders use them on high quality builds… I’ve built 30 rods probably with them…. From small Super Seeker 270 up to Super Seeker 3x5..
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    Thrasher 6’ 50-100 Build.

    I like the titanium guys by American Tackle…. They have become a standard on a lot of the bigger rods.. catching fish over 300lbs…
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    Offshore Bucket list fishing day in PV!

    Totally! What day did you fish? Maybe that was you with Gomez the morning we were getting bait and headed to the islands?!? Wednesday the 10th? Wouldn’t that be a “small world” kinda thing?!?
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    Offshore Bucket list fishing day in PV!

    That’s our friend Jorge… he fished the first two days, but they had mechanical issues on day 3 and had to scratch… 👎
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    Offshore Bucket list fishing day in PV!

    Banco hasn’t been holding tuna these days… Pretty much Corbentenia for tuna…. They had a three day tournament last week Nov 10,11,12, and there were some nice Marlin caught. We went out to Tres Maria’s and those damn Marlin and Sailfish kept hooking up! We were targeting tuna, so they were a...
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    Brass Nautical Porthole Clock

    G-Spot submitted a new listing: Brass Nautical Porthole Clock - Brass Nautical Porthole Clock Learn more about this listing...
  12. Brass Nautical Porthole Clock

    Pacific Northwest Brass Nautical Porthole Clock

    Ready to move this on to someone else. Will ship on your dime Paypal friends and family or you pay the fee.
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    Headed to PV in Dec./Jan.

    I just spent 17 days there and got home Monday. Danny Gomez is a solid option especially for inshore and out to Corbentenia. He was getting bait last week at the same time as us, I have not fished with him in years, but he has always been fishy! He is out of LaCruz, so if you're not renting a...
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    Headed to PV in Dec./Jan.

    Thanks! I wont be there then.
  15. Brass Ships Clock

    Pacific Northwest Brass Ships Clock

    Great old Brass antique ships clock. Shine it up or use it as is... Shipping and Paypal fees on you...