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    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    It groups about 10 inches at 50 yards. Winchester makes some that is supposed to be better, but unobtainable.
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    Condor or Producer?

    Just got off the Condor this A.M. 1 small yellowtail, 1 small skipjack, and 1 yellowfin for the boat 1 1/2 day trip. Everyone gets a bad trip sometime, first one I've had on the Condor.
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    Avet Reel Question

    trx is Heavy!
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    welding ring shops has rings pretty cheap
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    Copper wire

    I've been using a small freshwater egg hook in the tail, it sounds like any small metal piece would work.
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    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Perfectly normal, got to wait until the parking attendant gets there and the store opens so you can buy ice!
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    Stella vs Twin Power

    Stella makes a bigger spool for the 18000/20000, I'm not sure how much more it holds but Meltons carries them.
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    Where to get a rod wrapped

    Dan's custom fishing rods. On facebook or google it. great rod builder!
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    Please enter me Patriots 24 falcons 21
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    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    Get yourself a bottle of tac glue! Got my 220 pound tuna on 130 lb. spectra with 100 lb. FC slipped in to the spectra about 6" then tac glued. No knots! If you want to make wind ons just use a short section of spectra and put a loop in it. I usually start with about 25 feet of FC and just cut it...
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    Need advice booking first ever LR trip!

    Excel all the way, but go later if you want a variety or bigger fish. If you ever decide to take your girl they have a couple of bigger staterooms with their own bathrooms that they usually try to put couples in depending on availability.