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    26 osprey repower

    Beautiful! It ought to rip with those 225’s!
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    Video of Running into a Gale in the Straits of June De Fuca

    Nice boat:). Beautiful day:) last year was the shit! let’s hope for good tides this year! Grandson hard at it:)
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    Garmin 3D vision card w/relief pics

    Pretty cool, looks like RipCharts except RipCharts does not go into the sound much.
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    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Is it halibut season yet?
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    I’m there the whole month so I’m always available to take some vets out as well:). I hope the tides cooperate again this year!!
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    On a side note I see 21 boats have signed up for this year what’s the prognosis?
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    Do you top shot?

    On my tuna rigs trolling I use long rods so I just have 60lb leade to the plugs connected to braid with swivels. The bait rods are albacore specials with 65lb braid back with 120’ of 40# mono for shock absorption on those tuna runs.
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    Well, it’s sad, I only hope that they are at least supporting the vets and not just partying the money away. I took some vets out fishing during the WTC when some other boat broke down but I didn’t participate in the tournament so I don’t feel ripped off. I just volunteered my time and money...
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    Will rf remote work through aluminum for led gunnel lights

    It won’t penetrate the metal however if you have gaps/holes and whatnot in the metal enough may leak through those to operate the lights.
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    Ahhhh... Valentines Day in WP!

    Saw those too, bizarre
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    Ahhhh... Valentines Day in WP!

    You might expect heart shaped cakes, but nope!
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    Plastic Anyone...

    Oh well, eventually our sun will turn into a red giant and consume the earth so enjoy the ride while you can!! No, really, this is going to happen, you can’t actually save the planet from extinction
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    Plastic Anyone...

    Those videos are mind boggling, just exactly how stupid do you have to be to do this to the place where you live... and what’s worse is how would anyone ever go about trying to clean it up, you can tell the Brazilian farmers to stop clear cutting and burning off the rain forest but they...