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    i spy

    Just stop
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    Lost at sea, Westport, yesterday 13 May???.

    Deepest sympathy for all involved, gives us all a moment to consider our own decisions.
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    Which chlorophyll service

    I use nvs tuna app as another source but really like it for wind, wave, swell duration forecasts
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    Which chlorophyll service

    My first time out I was on the transient dock the night before and there was a dude there with a big sport tuna boat, long outriggers I asked him for advice, he told me to head southwest till the water hits 59.5 then start fishing, funny but pretty much true to this day:)
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    Which chlorophyll service

    I use RipCharts, I have never used the others listed here, I download the most current chart into my iPad and drive around on the chart realtime I just went ant looked at cloro for the 7th, there are 25 scans in there.
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    I use 80lb braid followed by 50lb braid with 20’ 100lb mono so my braid don’t get nicked up...

    I use 80lb braid followed by 50lb braid with 20’ 100lb mono so my braid don’t get nicked up, plus if your pulling in a smaller ling you can just grab the line and lift it up if you feel like it.
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    new prop question (Reliance vs SOLAS)

    Tacoma prop will let you test drive props
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    Movin' to Texas

    You could move down by the gulf and get in some good salt fishing but then you have the hurricanes to live with. I know someone with a place on the water in Galveston and a 26’ robalo. He seems to survive with no damage.
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    Not impressed

    What! Dragonballs is unimpressed! No way! I don’t believe it! You have been hacked
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    Need electric expert knowledge

    Install a dc-dc converter 36v in 12v out you can find one on Amazon dc to dc converter
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    Saltwater Swordfish?

    Hey @liltrouble did you ever get any swordfish intel?
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    Saltwater Swordfish?

    So what’s he deal at night, just troll the same lure you had on the deep drop?
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    Saltwater Swordfish?

    You should school us on swordfish, I plan on trying something this year and looked into deep dropping, what would you cast if you did see one? X rap?
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    New WDFW Salmon Forecast is out - compared to the "good ol' days"

    Yet they don’t mind the gill netting
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    HappyHours getting new enclosure

    a vent would be cool (hah) but sealing it up to keep the water out is a concern, this is Washington, if it ain’t the rain it’s the 30 knot winds beating you up on that 100 mile run to home:). I’ll take the comfort:)