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    WTB Phenix 809hxf 809xhj

    furgus submitted a new listing: WTB Phenix 809hxf 809xhj - WTB Phenix 809hxf 809xhj Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB Phenix 809hxf 809xhj

    Looking for 809hxf 809xhj. Prefer reel seat model
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    Help choosing 25/30# Phenix rod

    I have the 809h. I prefer the 809hxf for 25/30. I'm getting another 809hxf and selling the 809h. imho
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    Offshore Polaris Supreme Epic Bite 5-25-2021

    this^^^ I was on this trip and couldn't get bit on 80. I got 4 bites on 60. Only one bit through and another sawed off by someone at color. These fish are mean and agree 80 would be better, but just wasn't working for me either.
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    how much maxcuatro 40# can fit on a Fathom 15?

    I fit 500 yds of 40lb max. needs to go on tight
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    Offshore Bft jig rigging

    I would like know as well.
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    Reel and braid information

    talica 10ii. maxcuatro 65lb. 475yds wasn't quite the whole 500yd spool talica 12ii. maxcuatro 80 lb. 500 yds talica 16ii. maxcuatro 100lb. 500 yds.
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    Shimano Used Calcutta 400

    I take mine apart after each trip and the screws don't come off side plate. As mentioned, maybe it is broken off inside.
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    Shimano Shimano Tranx 400hg - Spectra capacity

    I was able to fit 500 yds of 80 lb MC on the talica 12.
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    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    appreciate you taking the time to report. very helpful for those of us heading out soon.
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    Shimano Max Cuatro breaking

    Unfortunately I had the wrong rod and it was bottomed out. This is why the fight lasted so long. I am looking at the Phenix hax 780x2h to pair with now for a trip next week. Suggestions are welcome. I know I should be using a reel more suited to the task, but I am not a long range...
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    Shimano Max Cuatro breaking

    I have 80lb on a Tac-12ii that bested a 160lb bft after a long fight. The maxcuatro and Tac12 held up with no issues. The extra capacity was very helpful.
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    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Thanks for the laugh. That is funny sh!t right there.
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    Best Las Vegas Hotel For Boat/PWC Parking?

    Sunset station has great parking. In Henderson, so closer to mead. Plenty of outside parking. I park the boat on top floor of structure that has electrical outlets to charge my trolling motor batteries. They also have security in bicycles patrolling all the time.
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    Shimano Talica 12ii or 16ii

    I got 500yds 80lb MC on the 12 and 500yds of 100lb MC on the 16.