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    For you Calico guys

    Nice fish. Since you kept it, why didn't you weigh it? Just curious. I had a skinny 28 incher that weighed 8-5 and a round 26 1/2 incher that weighed 10-12. Girth matters a lot. As a very general rule, a 22 incher is 6 pounds. Add a pound for each inch thereafter.
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    Dead Day of fishing 8-18

    Heard the same distress call this morning. Twice. FYI, we started today at the 711 for nothing. Worked our way to the Osborne and there were foamers everywhere. Very few boats--it was nice. Tough to get a bite, but we managed 3 40 pounders on the poppers. Good luck out there.
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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    I think you meant you're wrong. Or perhaps maybe you ARE wrong.
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    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who?

    No, but I had a couple of six pounders on the same dive that satisfied that need.
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    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who?

    Living designs in Costa Mesa does pretty good work. They've done several fish for me as well as the lobster in my Avatar.
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    Do you use a flying gaff for big BFT?

    Harpoons are illegal in California unless you have a commercial license for their use. We've caught multiple cows over the past couple of years (up to 327#) and sure were glad we had the flying gaff.
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    "Just Fishing" by Pete

    I talked to him last week. He said he was going to open in two to three weeks.
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    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Excellent write up. Love the balloon Quickie Clip idea. Gonna look into buying some of those. You might want to invest in a flying gaff. Worked well for us last season.
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    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    I'm not qualified to answer that--I'm just a loyal passenger. Definitely my favorite boat in the fleet.
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    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    My understanding is that the Intrepid is not SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) certified and cannot check in at foreign ports such as Ensenada or Cabo. Fantastic fishing vessel however.
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    Helium balloons?

    Paul, I get mine from Amazon or Ebay. Don't buy the "inexpensive" ones, they're an absolute waste of money. The good ones run about $5 apiece. Good luck out there.
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    Surf rod for under $75 with a penn 535

    Outer banks, North Carolina.
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    For Sale: Riffe Competitor Spear Gun

    Price lowered to $200, including shipping.