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    Kicker for 2320?

    I am looking to get a kicker for my 2320. I want to power it with a Yamaha 4 stroke. How much HP would you recommend. Looking at having a backup for my Yamaha 200 HP to limp back in if something goes wrong with the main motor while offshore.
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    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    5/6ft long leader with 20lb flora carbon, #1 live bait hook and a #8 treble stinger hook and 4/5/6/8 oz weights will whack em...good luck!!!
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    Tanner's first butt.

    Nice bloody deck....hope you have a wash down hose!
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    Halibut in SF Bay

    Great job..sounds like it's on!
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    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    Hell they caught a Wahoo outside the gates recently. Also, the albacore fishing can be really good and you have not seen that in SD for 4-5 years. Don;t get me wrong, I head to SD every year for a long range trip and there is nothing like a BFT pulling you to the rail. However, the delta, bay...
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    New bait tank for my parker 2320

    I have a Pacific Edge on my 2320 and it is fantastic. Highly recommend Pacific Edge bait tanks!!!
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    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Captain al..If you go online there are videos that show how to fillet sturgeon and some great recipes. I bake them and they turn out fantastic!
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    info needed

    I go on an 8 day every year in June. Seems like bout 1/2 the trips make it to the Rocks. Always catch fish in June but could be the ridge or offshore chasing tuna. Pulling up to the Rocks at 8:00 am is always exciting! Good Luck
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    Long Range August 2017- 7-day Trip general questions?

    You will be in great hands on the Intrepid. Great crew, food and they will definitely put you on fish. I would have a couple wahoo jigs in my box. Kevin likes to mix it up and chase the exotics once the hole is full. 2 years ago, he took a chance and left the ridge to check out the rocks for...
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    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Thanks for the update Austin. Good Luck...Report back
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    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Sweet....Running into any logs? I hear SPB is biting but lots of debris
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    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Sweet....Running into any logs? I hear SPB is biting but lots of debris
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    New woman is on her way

    Congratulations....Parkers are killer boats!!!
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    First Time Long(-ish) Range Trip - Shogun

    WSB would be a bonus. Heading out on Friday. Can't wait to turn the point!!!