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    Room for 1 to SQ!!

    Hello, anyone interested in going to SQ this weekend?? We leave tonight at 8pm.
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    Then stay around here, no one is going to try to make you look or sound like you're making the wrong choice. But others have their own choice, and if they want to support a fishing community then that is our choice. You guys have to start realizing that this is an opportunity to view things in...
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    Just go down there and fish!!!
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    K&M Sportfishing. Yellowfin Tuna!!!

    Sweet, cant wait to be there soon.
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    Excellent Fishing!!! WFO Yellowtail!!!

    Good Stuff!! Saludos a SQ y felices fiestas navidenas!!
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    Looking for a ride - for a mom

    im down to go and can help with fuel and bait...... let me know anytime. im looking to go anytime soon. thanks.
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    SQ next weekend

    Im leaving in the evening prob around 6pm. ...... For all the rest that just came back, How was the fishing??? Sea bass still out there ?? I haven't seen any reports of them lately. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Anybody going to SQ?

    any reports??? let us know what you caught if you can. I cant wait till next weekend
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    San Quintin - Awesome

    sweet man Ill be down there saturday evening at the old mill as well......Black tundra w/ a dorado bloody decks sticker! good luck and maybe we'll see you down there!! Ive never had a problem w/ gear or fish at the border.
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    SQ next weekend

    Ill be going down there for the weekend as well. I was also there last month... x2 on what the last guy said. When and what time you leaving??
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    Anybody going to SQ?

    x2 Ill be down there labor day weekend fishing W/ Garcia's as well ..... what a coincidence!! good luck and see you down there
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    san quintin

    sorry, couldn't make the time. Im going there on Labor day weekend and need two more if anyone is interested?? Leaving Friday 8/29 and come back Monday 09/01, same deal two days fishing and same price but i need two!! My roommate and I go there often, so we ready again.... whose in????? Fishing...
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    san quintin