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    OK....Which one of you is this guy?

    Kinda like the one i picked up last year
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    Offshore BFT everywhere but my boat

    Maybe try some swimfins and a speargun
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    Long range question

    Thanks guys , Your response to my question will be most helpful in my decision as weather to go or not on one of these long range trips .
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    Long range question

    Have always thought about a long range trip but the problem i have with makeing a decision on weather to do this before i die is what the hell would i do with hundreds of pounds of fish i couldnt sell or couldnt eat before it got freezer burn ? How do you guys deal with all the fish you bring...
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    Offshore Mako shark eating a seal by the corner

    That video made my day ! Thanks !!
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    Islands Late report for 7-2

    Nice report ! Thanks !
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    1993 Boston whaler Montauk 17 foot

    How fast does it go with that 45 hp motor ?
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    Aquasport pilot project

    Well ok so you have skinney friends that only weigh 150 lbs each and the belly hoop is built for two people , two times 150 is now 300 lbs ! It all might seem fine in the driveway but out on the ocean slamming down off a big offshore swell that three hundred pounds now turns into 900 pounds for...
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    Aquasport pilot project

    Well i noticed in one pic you had a two person belly hoop on top of that roof , who engineered the stress factors on this design with 400 lbs of humans on top of this roof in a rough ocean condition ?
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    Radon 32 rebuild

    What no camber to the roof supports ?
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    Paint plastic bait tank

    Never wipe down plastic with acitone , it degrades the plastic and will turn gooey after time to the point you will throw it away
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    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Well good job guys ! But while your working on your boat project you cant go fishing , and while your fishing you cant work on your boat , the more time i spend fishing and the less time in a tyvex suite the happier i am !
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    17’ whaler cabin

    Well you may be right Errin but at least i wont sink while waiting for the peramedics to arrive !
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    17’ whaler cabin

    Well no more funky cabin ! It only took 2 minutes to cut the frozen steering cable and chain saw off the helm , and 7 minutes to chainsaw off the cabin with no damage to the boat except for all the screwholes that attached the cabin , now its off to the store for some fresh west epoxy and...