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    Lost Wild River Tackle Bag

    Got it back!!!! some one in the marina turned it in. A little light but still got about 85% of my gear back. I'm happy.
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    Southern California Lost Wild River Tackle Bag

    I know it is a long shot but what the hell. I lost a black Wild River tackle pack by the big 3 this past Sunday night early morning. There are a few items in there that I would really like to get back, the plugs, hooks and general tackle I can replace. If you saw it or know something about it...
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    Lost Wild River Tackle Bag

    forktail submitted a new listing: Lost Wild River Tackle Bag - Lost Wild River Tackle Bag Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore Pacific Voyager first timer 5 day!

    Just a heads up, Mark is a great skipper, really fishy enthusiastic and really loud. If he gets excited about what he sees on the instruments expect the PA to be blowing up behind ya.
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    Smallest Fish - Lucky Craft

    if that was the case poor perch would had been hooked closer to the tail...
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    Tiburon SST 7540, 8, 12, & 30

    Sent you a PM on the 30.
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    Original Graphite-USA's

    That 70HP is one of my fav bait sticks. sad I missed the sale.
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    Offshore New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    yep! gotta have an open mind, I learn as much from others as from teaching others. this reminds me of an instance a few years ago where we were leaving the harbor for a full day trip mid fall and we have on board a whole bunch of tourists from like Monatana. (I dont know for certain but...
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    Offshore Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    that is one oishi sashimi party in the works. :appl:
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    Offshore 8/19 - 8/25

    way to go! I tried to get my Dad to join me for a trip like that for years and he only accepted 3/4 day trips. now hes gone. stoked for the memories you just shared with your old man and uncles.
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    Offshore 9/28 Report

    nice, way to go. it looks like you got a lil fatty.
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    Offshore Pride incident

    And that is a hard thing to do... So apparently the Lita is famous all the way down to Colorado.
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    That is awesome! hopefully they are still there tomorrow. heading out on a 2 day tonite.
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    Offshore Size matters

    that is a freaking slug!!!
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    Offshore 7/6 - 226/302, Lots of show, little go

    Shit, tossing plugs with very sharp hooks from an inflatable... thats having balls!