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    Bringing Gear in (and out!) of Mexico

    I'm flying down to PV this December and want to know what the current Mexican customs regulations are for bringing in a couple outfits. Flying Alaska so baggage not a problem. I've heard reels have to have no line, you can bring in only 2 reels, etc. What's the real info?
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    Bluefin off Morro Bay

    I heard that commercial fishing boats are netting 100# bluefin off Morro Bay? Fish are deep and lots of bait balls in the area. Any private boats been on them?
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    43, ridge, 289, mackerel, Clemente saved

    yore goin to have too learn two spell PADDIES.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    A lot of the fishing lodges in Alaska require a test with negative result within 48 hrs of arrival. I don't think this is asking too much of people who will be in such close quarters for a 5 + day period. I for one would feel a lot safer if this was a requirement for the long range fleet.
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    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    If there are fish around they will find them. Regardless, it's FishingI No matter what you will gain a lot of knowledge and have a lot of fun.
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    And a Couple of Cows

    Nice haul there! Good job!
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    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Any update on whether Mexico will allow fishing again this year at Guadalupe? Wondering if there has been any communication with authorities in Ensenada
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    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    Hey NoCal Lou, I resemble those limitations and I went and I'm going a couple more times
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    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    Great looking box, Mark! Haven't been up your way for work the last couple years but I will look you up when I do.
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    "Hidden Pickle"

    It's up swell from the hidden salami
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Perhaps with better, more available testing we can certify passengers before coming aboard a boat.
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    Roll Call Indy Shootout 10/6-10/16

    Is the Indy permitted for Guadalupe this season?
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    Open spot in Nov.. Constitution

    Guys, this is a great trip, well run and a great group. I fished it twice and had a blast. I would be all over it again if it didn't overlap with my 13 day. With the Tres Marias prison shut down there will be even more opportunities for a fish of a lifetime.
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    taking a poll

    If it was a skunk or not situation and no one bit and no fish were landed then maybe there is some justification for the deckie to hook and finish the fish. Since this was not the case then I call bullshit that the deckhand didn't hand off. just sayin
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    Royal Star Trip Report

    Never ridden that boat and now probably won't :waglleybooty: