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  • Hey John, It's Steve D and I'm in Santa Monica as well If you need an angler to chip in for fuel, bait, food, etc I'm a fishing junkie. I've had two 35 Cabo's so know these boats. Let me know. [email protected]
    Hey John, Sean here with Pacific Coast Yachts in SD. That boat is in immaculate condition. Great work, I can tell you take pride in your boat. That would be an easy sell for us on our broad market. Please let me know if I can help. Call anytime, thanks.

    Sean C
    Pacific Coast Yachts
    (707) 569-4461
    Hey Jonathan, just wanted to pay you a complement...
    Been noticing your posts for a little bit now, and I've gotta saw that I'm in awe! Keep up the great work so that we all have great stories to fish off of.
    BTW, your Hali story has me waiting out traffic wading from Malibu down to Marina (I live in OC and work in WLA) catching everything from Cabezon to Halibut.
    Hey there, saw your post to the guy fishing around the three sisters. I am a wanna be catcher with a 17' Montauk...any idea/ insight on how to find those do-do's....I know people talk about the 209 and 105 and 14 mile bank....but ....where the heck, and will I get there in my putt-putt??? Thanks if you don't mind hooking me up with some knowledge...thanks if you don't:)
    Hey Jonathan , Just curious if you could help me with some much needed schooling on Ray Marine electronics. If so can you give Robert a call at 661-332-9383. Thanks.
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