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    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Ha, Well thats because people pull their swimsteps or pulpits etc off when they get measured the first go around to get charged less. It's a game each side knows about.
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    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Your docked right across from me. Real clean, good looking boat. GLWS
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    California Super Gas station in Escondido on 5th and Center City Parkway, Sells Red Dye and the cash price has averaged about 2.25 to 2.30 for the several years. Super easy in and out and the island is plenty high enough to get boats with high arches through it. Only place I fueled my old boat...
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    53' Elliott $150,000

    Great Boats! Spent some time back in the day working on it's bigger brother the Seamark (Now the Ozzy). Timeless lines on these boats and ride like no other. Good luck with the sale of this beautiful vessel. Do you still have the plank for it as well?
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    WTB 30 SkipJack

    Still looking.
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