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    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    I use short FC topshots on all my bait outfits...i usually put my top shots on the week before.....I like to take my time when tying FG knots...then before I use the outfit I just stretch the topshot straight......
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Mark you may want to read up on using hydrogen peroxide on cuts...pros and cons and you may change your mind......I do agree it looks cool bubbling.....but it is killing good stuff and bad stuff.
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Liquid bandage antiseptic water proof and easy to carry in your stuff IMO
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    Seriously????? Lou next time you come over we will set up my Centaur and you can pull on it and you way is you pull and don't depend on opinions and second hand info...everyone pulls differently.....
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    Intrepid and Capt Sam 5 day report

    Intrepid returned with 43 over 100# and 3 over 200#...Capt Sam whacked them again....
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    2008 Willy Wahoodad Early Summer 8-Day on the Rooster

    That "coach" trip was a "classic" lol....... I have a great photo of Bill Sr Billy and Colin on the stern of the Rooster......time flies boy that was over 20 years ago.....
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    2008 Willy Wahoodad Early Summer 8-Day on the Rooster

    The Thompsons were a really nice couple and their son was a great kid.....Bob M was not on the trip......was that the trip where Bill Caspers Dad was on the trip??? He was my roommate on one of them.
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    Does any one know ?

    Miguels across the street limited seating...also Jimmy's Famous Tavern
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    2008 Willy Wahoodad Early Summer 8-Day on the Rooster

    WOW....a blast from the past.......that was the last Willy Wahoodad trip on the Rooster then it moved to the Intrepid... Mr Hot Rod Glenn Kerr was there and Colin Casper Willy's was quite the collection of hot sticks for sure......and I too remember it as a great trip much better...
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    100# spectra for FG knot

    Solid IMO ties up better than hollow using a FG.....
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    Intrepid 10 day December

    You will go with 4 spots open.....
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    Wahoo bomb colors

    That was the most evasive answer sound like a politician.....LOL
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    Intrepid Bluefin report

    Just saw the Intrepid bluefin report from the 5 day that just returned 38 over 100# and 3 over 200#.....limits for everyone ...sounds like a good trip.
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    Cow capable options - rod/reel

    You fish the reel you have in your hands when a fish many of those anglers you are referring to who caught a cow with the reels you mentioned would have preferred a different reel.....? Lots o cows have been caught with Penn Senator 6/0s and even a 4/0....does that mean that is...