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    A first the other day...

    My north river never came with one on it. I was going to call north river and check. I assumed it needs one but maybe not?
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    Anybody Tried One of These?

    I thought I herd artic was a sister company to yeti. Just here say though
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    Greenling keep swallowing the hook

    Send it back down to the bottom you'll come back up with the fish your looking for
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    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    OK so we have a 7 day trip planned for neah bay starting this coming Monday. When doing our shake down at the lake this weekend we spun a prop no big deal seeing how we wanted to upgrade to a stainless anyhow. With time running out and me working 10 hr days all week I called oylimpic propeller...
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    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    We spun our stock prop this weekend it was an aluminum three blade 21". I called oylimpic propeller they suggested a 14x19 three blade stainless. Any suggestions on prop size for our boat would be great. It's a 23' North river seshawk loaded with gear ice and crew it'd hitting roughly 5000 rpms...
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    Im looking to get out fishing while here in WASHINGTON

    You kind of sound like one of those guys who likes to talk about fishing and not actually do it. Even if tailwalkers was $300 a head try one boat payment not including everything that goes along with it.
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    neah lodging at cape

    Got cabin 6 at the Cape. Hell yes
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    Neah Bay Opener

    That is a nice load of fish there. Well done. Can't wait to get out there. May 9th isnt coming fast enough. Well be there for 7 days
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    fish processing

    Filet, in bucket of salt water, bag, Pat dry at camp, seal ,and into the freezer. This all happens in about two hours of returning to the dock.
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    Optima battery?

    Thanks for all the input. I ended up installing two new group 24 from Costco and decided not to move the batteries forward right now.
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    Do you need a Cabin @ Neah Bay Halibut 5/11-5/15?

    I would like to have it. I've been postings about this very thing for a few months now updating it periodically. I pmed you.
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    Optima battery?

    I seen cabelas batteries on sale. Anyone ever use the agms from there. With all the bad being said about the optima I think I'm out on those. Weight distribution is fine I am however looking to move them forward for tuna s ice in the back of the boat
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    Optima battery?

    I'm need of some new batteries for the north river. Couple of questions are the blue top gel batteries worth the extra money over a conventional deep cycle? Also I'm thinking of moving the batteries from the rear to the front of the boat for a little better weight distribution. Thoughts has...