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    La Jolla Calico Fishing - July 8

    Dude just saw this. Beautiful fish!
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    Breakwall Area 3-19-16

    Nicely done!
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    Okuma Citrix 364PA feedback?

    I don't have the 364 Citrix but do have the 200 size. I love it and although it may not have as many bearings as the Komodo the tradeoff is that it often last longer in saltwater. Other than that cost savings is nice. With less bearings it might be a bit less smooth on the retrieve and cast...
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    2014 Ranger 240 Bahia Loaded - Reduced to $45,999.00!

    Benny's a good guy and cares for his equipment. That's great mileage for a boat like that.
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    Looks like fun Afran. I love those Angler kayaks. Thanks for posting.
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    Love that place!
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    Cool vid and nice fish Afran! Well utilized jump cuts. Hard to pull off.
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    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    Thanks guys... Yes I did mean to say "Oil your bearings". Ty
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    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    There is no doubt that the Komodo reels are very nice and hold up well. I have plenty of the 364's as well as the 200 sized models. I started using them primarily because I found that they hold up to frequent saltwater use better than any others in their class but they are also extraordinary...
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    Finally Did It!!!!

    Well deserved my friend and I will always remember that moment. By the way... The smaller of the two fish that the Sasquatch is holding up in the picture was an extraordinarily fat 6 pounder for comparison.
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    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Pretty good day of fishing!
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    Calico Bass Report

    Really BIG fish!
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    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Always great to document such important moments. Nice work!
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    New PB for the little guy!

    Awesome catch!
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    Bass Eating a Minnow Video

    Cool video. Man I miss pond fishing.