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    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    I'd cut a slot in the screw stub with a dremel cut-off wheel, hit the screw stub with heat to soften the lock-tite, then the broken off screw should easily turn out. Heat is going to be the key part, so either torch a screw driver end red hot and stick it into the slot to heat it up, or tip...
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    Flatfall - tie direct to 130 # fluoro or add 300# fluro bite leader

    Thanks for the replies. If tying 130# fluoro direct will avoid chew-offs, I'll run with that. Didn't want to dump $200 into a spool of heavy fluoro, crimps and crimp pliers, at this time. Figured I could get it rigged at a shop, if needed. I rigged them on top with a #9 split ring connecting...
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    Flatfall - tie direct to 130 # fluoro or add 300# fluro bite leader

    Heading out Monday on a 2.5 day trip and looks like the big BFT are coming in. I have an Avet AXW Raptor and an Avet 30/2W, both rigged with 10' 130# fluoro topshots. Also have several flatfalls: 200, 250, 300 and 500G. Tie the flatfall direct to the 130# fluoro with a 3-4 turn San Diego knot...
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    10 years since my last SD tuna trip, check my rigs

    Thanks for the replies guys. - I was considering LX-40# and 10KG-50# while rigging, might swap them so I'm not pushing the reels too hard and ruining bearings. - 20# rig I have, SL20SH and 7'9 Fenwick chovie rod, but that would be my 9th rig.... Might as well take 9 if I'm taking 8 - LOL! -...
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    10 years since my last SD tuna trip, check my rigs

    Hey BDer's! It's been 10+- year since I've posted, or been fishing out of San Diego. Much has changed since then. I booked a 2.5 day trip next week and looking to see if I have my stuff rigged properly, or if I should step down in top shot size on some of the reels. Here's what I'm taking...
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    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Hey Jason, didn't see your post there. I don't think all stripers will be turned off by the stink as many of them are full bore into attack mode when they hammer the bait. But,,, I've had many big ones (the really big ones) take the lure lightly and slowly load up the rod when trolling, or they...
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    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Thanks G, Is Evil E the Unibutter guru, bait maker? After these out-gas for a few days I'm going to throw them into a bag of attractant and leave them there for a week or so to soak up the goodness. Here's something for the peeps wondering if the plastic lure will suck up the attractant, I...
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    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    OK sounds good, greazzzy baits it is I tried the baits in a bag with scent, then floating in luke warm water,,, but I failed miserably as the friggin bag got a hole in it and they were swimmin in their own juices (I'll let you guys run with that one)... After pulling them out of the watered...
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    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Thanks guys, I like Capt G's idea. I'm heading down to BPS later today and will see what they have for attractants. First thing that popped into my head when G said hot sauce was Tapatio, hey, you never know.... These are AC Casitas swimbaits that I found on Ebay,,, couldn't pass up the price...
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    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    I just got a couple big swimbaits that are pretty smelly (kind of a paint/petroleum smell) and need to clean them up. What's the best thing to cut the stinky/oily coating? I was thinking of washing them with dish washing soap to cut the oily coating, but don't want to get soap soaked into...
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    Looks like you guys had fun up there, nothing better than getting the kiddies into fish. How were the temps during the day and night? I was thinking of dragging my son up there in a few weeks if it's nice, not hot. We usually go up there mid-May and freeze out butts off camping, days are...
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    I didn't read through the whole thread, but Transdermscop (scop patches) are OTC in Canada. $20-30 and you can have the patches at your door step in a week. I haven't seen Scopace there though.
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    Don't take the top center bunk(s) by the stairs or you'll freeze your ass off, unless you like it breezy and chilly...
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    Doesn't anyone want to fish this year?

    To the question,,, Yes. I had the choice of fixing the truck or going on the Legend trip yesterday where they got into the albies pretty good,,, I chose wrong and fixed the truck. (Ever feel like kicking yourself in the ass?)
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    Fuckin Dog......

    The tire shop guy ain't never going to believe that story,,, better bring the dog along to show him how it happened :D