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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    And that drives you right by Larsen’s but good luck parking a truck and boat near there!!
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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Yep. That’s a safe route. Just be careful when you get off the freeway at 85th it’s downhill to the first light with traffic merging blindly from your right. Take it slow through there and it should be smooth sailing after that.
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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    His boat is way too tall to take the direct route to golden gardens off 85th and 32nd but Larsen’s is worth the drive out of the way! And based on where he’s going I’d still say the 50th/market route is a straight safe shot. 45th would probably work as well but there’s on funny little...
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    Spatchcock that sucker for more even cooking/smoking.
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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Getting off at 50th and going across market would be an obstacle free straight shot directly to shilshole with zero turns once off the freeway. If you take a left off the freeway at 50th and follow road that as it works it’s way west it will turn into several other main streets but will...
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    Wesco custom shoes

    Just cuz they didn’t match his lederhosen doesn’t mean they aren’t good polka shoes.
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    Sekiu winter launching and moorage

    Historically the launches are open but most places pull all of their docks until early spring.
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    Aluminum Fuel Tank Builders?

    X3 for rudnick. As evidenced here great, honest and open communication and have never heard anyone have anything but A+ things to say about their work including work for they did for me.
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    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Plenty of bouancy and flotation, but the one on the right looks top heavy enough to be tippy. The one on the left looks like she has the weight down low enough to be a comfortable ride in most any conditions.
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    At first glance kind of looks like the journeyman... (not saying theyre the same just reminded me of it as a possible PV fish killer) wonder if the interior layout fits what you are looking for? Too bad the Ad is very thin on details.
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    TUNA Optimists ??

    Deep drop for swords on the next weather window? @Cwillis @Team Sency
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    For the last 20 years #metoo on the full freezer, but when I was a kid I grew up a chum killer.. feel like I can still smell it...
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    Maybe I am just an old grown up hood canal kid but bright-ish chum made pretty good smoked even if you can never get the smell off your fingers.
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    A pile

    I’ll do a spinning rod... you getting a new batch of thrashers?
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    The “Angler” for sale in Westport. 48 modutech. Asking 225 without the permits. Was fishing next to the no tuna no chinga the one day I got it fish in Mexico last year and that does seem like a great way to do that tuna fishery! Good luck...