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    Downrigger Upgrade

    I bought 5 penn 825’s and have the extras stashed so I can keep running those slow old beauties for years to come.
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    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    We just did one of sency’s in the parking lot at Olson’s do he could do it but he tows so much he wants a “pro” to go through them.
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    Bearing packing/trailer fenders/boat waxing

    Your kids are old enough to wax!
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    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    Good pickup by Ace! whose driving you or Woody?
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    New boat ho available

    The other important question. What’s next?!?
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    Port Angeles Mooching: The 1970's

    Anybody run the goofy sideways heddon Winonas with the spot for the thumb drag for mooching? I bought one 15+ years ago because I saw some guy killing with it in south puget sound and it looked like a cool alternative to my knuckle busters but I’ve never fished it.
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    When did the WDFW slip this shit in, or is it a misprint??

    @Happy Daze can you clarify this? I know you’ve put in a lot of work on this and can explain the area 3/4 Outside rules. Area 4 East and area 5 has been closed for bottomfish deeper than 120 for years.
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    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Just my .02 😂😂😂 When they heard Carrie was going they probably just took 1/2 off the quota.
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    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Hmnnnn. Wonder if the pressure on area 1 has anything to do with fri-sat area 2 closure. Also probably has something to do with the slapshot heading south and Carrie catching so many fish.
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    I love screens like that in shallow! Soooo fishy.
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    So your bait was within about 50 feet of the bottom at all times... seems to fit the theme.
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    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    I heard 35% off new Suzuki outboards! I’m getting 2!
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    It’s official. TUNA TOWN IS SET UP

    Not the first time those guys have been offered 3-6” of wood. Will be interesting to see if they accept again. 👍😂
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    Neah Bay Coho

    Good luck. Those neah numbers look way out of whack with reality. Fishing was good enough in 5 that there is no way that many people went west and only caught silvers! Going to be over far too soon no matter what.
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    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Poaching across the border like all the Canadians that come down and fish The American side of the “border” at swiftsure.