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    Okay, This sale is officially kicking my Butt..PM's and sales at the store are off the chain great. I must be getting older.. Ooops, I just looked in the mirror.. I am getting older.. Crap.. But so many folks getting amazing show deals makes me feel better.. Still more PM's to answer.. Thank...
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    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    Awesome Report Ben, Ben is one of the really good guys in the world.. We have had a blast over the last year or so getting him ready for the trip.. Ben Came to the shop to top off his supply list, driving all the way up to Van Nuys after driving to San Diego and then drove back.. His intro to...
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    BOB SANDS BLANK SALE. United Composites and Calstar

    Good afternoon all, IT'S OFFICIAL, THE BOB SANDS TACKLE ROD/BLANK AND REEL SALE HAS BEGUN. This sale includes some of OUR BIGGEST SALT WATER ROD AND BLANK DISCOUNTS EVER.. PM me or come into the store for further information... We have a huge inventory of all the latest rods and blanks but...
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    Please delete
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    Weird hollow loop tag issue

    Hi Eric, The situation you noted is not really that unusual at all when using hollow Spectra splices and loops. It happens quite often especially when there is a lot of casting involved. Though I cannot give the definitive reason it happens my guess is that due to various factors, where...
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    What’s the Best Super Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers?

    Texas Split ring pliers in the appropriate size.. Large or XL. They have a v splitter that can handle most any large split ring. And yes, You can split them apart too far where the split ring can take a permanent set.. We carry these at Bob Sands Tackle in Van Nuys.
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    Yo NB, Actually a great question.. My own opinion, which is shared by many others is use heavy mono or flouro for Bombs and light wire to light line for bait.. My personal preferances are as follows: 100 pound Short casting type leader for Bombs with 25 - 30 pounds minium of drag.. Wind to...
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    I forgot to mention Ralph Mikkelsen's (The Long Ranger) hand made beautful plaques and trophies that Ralph makes special and donates for our trips... Super cool pieces of Long Range history that are real treats for their recipients.. Thank You Ralph.. Hope to see you soon at the shop or on the...
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    ROFLMAO at the Yenta's of this board.. Somehow, they wait, lurking, hoping to find a post to whine at.. But such is the nature of B.D. There are always a few...well, you know. Normally, I do not respond but in this case, I will. After all, the point you are making is correct and one of the...
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    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Some Photos from the last 2Years of the Gallgher/Excel Charter. This last trip was a 10 day.
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    Yo JAM, Thank you for the nice words. When it comes to fishing bombs, everyone has their own way and best method for them.. I can only speak for myself.. I keep it simple.. We have been selling for many years a short insert, Served and Glued Casting leader. This is a roughly 9 inch insert of...
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    Good Evening All, Another amazing Gallagher/Excel charter is in the books.. I believe this is our 19th year of the crazy, silly, absurd, disturbing, inane and otherwise phenomenal event.. Because of the rules of etiquette associated with Bloody Decks, I will leave out many of the more, shall we...
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    Spinner set-up for 'lupe

    Or you could use my older prototype advanced, Rods by Eddie" Advanced material setups for Tuna and Wahoo.. Bamboo Gaff end with electrical taped on guides and Taped on reel..A full 3.5 feet long or so. Talk about putting the wood to the fish... This was a gift from Eddie on the R.P...
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    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    Good afternoon all, Several of our anglers had to cancel their trips... We have been filling some of the slots trying to recoup some of their deposit monies but at this point we are offering a rare if ever discount of $1000.00 off the trip price... Their loss is your gain. There are a couple...