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  • Jamie, this is Bill Benrath.
    Phone; 541 6103569
    Email; [email protected]
    BDecks; LadyE
    Want to get on list for JRI Intruder trolling lure, Eggplant, black orange, dorado.
    Thanks Jamie
    Hi, Fishordie, I have been reading some of your posts about acid wrapped rods. I am considering a Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch Jigging Rod B-581H3R
    (Spiral Wrapped). Since I have not a clue about spiral wrapped rods or slow pitch fishing I thought I might ask you for some advice. I entered saltwater fishing in midlife off the Gulf Coast south of Galveston, Texas and I'm a recent transplant here in CA.
    Hi Jamie, My name is PJ and I was hoping you could answer a couple quick questions for me....

    How much does a Black Hole Challenger Bank S-801H cost?

    I'll be in the area towards the end of the month and was hoping I could pick your brain about a good surface iron/stickbait rod....

    Thanks for your time

    Hi Jamie. Just received a PM from MUYMACHO/Phil concerning purchase of JRI Jigs at FH Show in LB. He advised me to contact you concerning this purchase and advised me to ask you if you'd give me the expired discount on said JRI Jigs, and allow me to pick these up at FH Show in LB on Wednesday, March 7th. LMK what I have to do to make this happen. Thanks.
    Hi Jamie will u be at bob sands this Saturday? I wanted to ask some questions about the black hole rods.
    Hi Jamie

    Thanks for getting my rod order so quickly very much appreciated.
    No rush on this, please order an AVET SX Raptor Dorado finish

    Hi Brad, Thank you for the order. We just placed it with Avet. They will let us know what the delivery schedule will be.. I did want to make sure you knew there was a up-charge for the Dorado pattern. Talk soon. Jamie 818 943 1122
    Good morning Jaime,
    I would like to put in an oder for 4 JRI jigs. I was at the Long Beach Fred Hall on Wednesday and you were out of them.
    Could I please get one of each:

    (1) JRI-5T MGP
    (1) JRI-5T DMG
    (1) JRI-5T SMG
    (1) JRI-3T MPL
    (1) JRI-3T SMG
    (1) JRI-7T DMG

    Thank you,
    Hi Else,

    Please use the standard PM format as this one is does not really come up so I do not usually know it is here. This comes more as an alert than a PM. Also, the surface irons we carry at the JRI 3, 4 and 7 only.. We do not really stock the 5. When you PM me, if you wish, I will send you the prices and incentives. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to chatting.
    Sorry sir forgot to say I'm looking for a conventional rod in the 7'6"-8' length rated to 80lb mono.
    Good morning Jamie. Sir I will be at the Del Mar show opening day on Thursday. I would like to pre-order some of the JRI jigs,7 & 8s a couple red crabs, mint and chovy. I am also interested in finding a 7'6" to 8' rod rated to 80lb mono. Any suggestions on the rod would be appreciated sir. My name is Wade Dickey 760-803-3389.
    Hello Jamie,

    Jerry told me that it would be best to pre-order some JRIs via you. My name is Scott Jakobs and will not be down there till Saturday. Can you please save a couple red crabs + a chovy and dark green JRI 7 + an 8
    Jamie thanks for the post and I am interested in the rack but cannot find Jim on the member list. Can you please provide contact info? T Also how much? Thanks!
    Jaime, please call me at 619 917-7311 when you have time. I'm having trouble understanding your last reply to my post. Thanks.
    Hi Jamie,
    I was noticing that some folks are tying their solid spectra to flouro with a Bob sands knot. I plan to fish 100# solid spectra on a Mak 20 with a 2x4. How heavy should my flouro leader be for fly lining maks and sardines? Generally how long is the leader? I have an Oct trip on the X and look forward to learning new techniques. Thanks, Ed
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