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    ATD 12T Drag at Strike

    how do i get in touch with Cal for upgrades? thanks guys
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    My email is [email protected]

    My email is [email protected]
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    Looking to go out in panama

    hello all, i will be in Panama from dec 29-Jan 5 and I want to see any captain have anything available from Jan 2-4. One person and I will be in the playa Blanca area but willing to travel . Thank you
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    pv fishing

    thanks Larry , I'll be out there for 5 days and hope to hop on a charter for a day. 500 is my budget for myself so hopefully it works out.. trying to catch my first cow tuna ..hopefully
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    pv fishing

    making a trip to pv next week weds-sun. hoping to get on the water for 1 day..any charter refferrals?? thankyou...
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    Custom blue Super Seeker 6470H

    Sick worl as always
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    Killer whales off Domes today

    Sick pics!!!
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    San clemente islands

    Thankyou plan to tow the boat down Frm sf this weekend to get in on a lil action before they move.
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    Egg sinkers

    Say average on a calm day and u need to get your bait down 200ft
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    Egg sinkers

    what size to use to get the dines/Mack down 200/250 ft
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    San clemente islands

    Macs or dines?? I was planning to fish 9 fathom area jigging
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    San clemente islands

    Planning a trip Fri launching Frm dp..any suggestions..front or back side??
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    Fished the MAW

    nice fish, congrats