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    Anodes for 2012 Parker 2320
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    Home Built Line Winder

    Been wanting to build one for awhile. Nice job
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    Clamp on rod holders needed

    The Hayward Tackle ones are what you want
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    Post your last fishing Pic!

    My wife with a nice halibut from Sunday
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    Marine Deep Cycle Batteries vs. Car Batteries for Boat + How they effect Downriggers

    You need to check the voltage at the battery and at the downriggers when you are running them to see if you are getting a voltage drop due to wiring or connections.
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Then check out Alan Tani's website, just google his name. I just checked, there is now a whole section on spinning reels. If what you are looking for doesn't have a tutorial, just post a question and someone will help you. Great bunch of reel heads over there
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    Broken Screw

    Was originally thinking this route but it broken off far enough below the fiberglass surface that getting cutoff wheel to it would cause a big slice in the fiberglass. Thinking drilling around it will probably be the lesser of the evils.
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Alan Tani's website has a lot of reel tutorials, however he doesn't work with spinners much. You maybe able to find some other coffee grinder guys on there that have some tips. However like Swami said, its probably more than just grease.
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    Broken Screw

    That makes sense. Thanks.
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    Broken Screw

    I have a broken screw on one of the hinges for the livewell lid on my Parker 2320. If I remove the other screws for the hinge the broken screw is just below the surface of the fiberglass so I can't get a hold of it with vise grips. Its a small diameter stainless screw so don't think I can...
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    Question on Yamaha engine zinc anodes

    Maybe something the previous owner or shop did? I have several Yamahas and none of the anode holders have numbers.
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    Your Invited to the next fish fry

    How cool is that. Too bad I live in Nor Cal