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    Bunch o Jigs

    fishman27 submitted a new listing: Bunch o Jigs - Bunch o Jigs Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California Bunch o Jigs

    As a tackle addict, I end up with more stuff than I need. My lack of self control is your gain. These jigs could be all yours for $400. Great mix of jigs to get someone started out, or to feed your own tackle addiction, I know i'm not the only addict on here. The list of what comes in this...
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    She's probably been buying cucumbers too but they're never in the salad! they seem to turn into pickles real fast 🤔
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    No, but she seems disappointed with me ever since I brought it home 😂 I have no idea why
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    Come by the shop and I’ll trade you a jar of it for some lead!
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    It had my secret scent on it 😅 🤫
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    Offshore Bluefin Love Penis

    Went out Monday (8/1) with my dad and friend Andrew. Launched out of Davies and fished the Osborn / 499 area. There were a few boats out there but not a ton. Got two bites on the troll between 11 and noon. One got the better of us and broke us off in the motor, was able to land the second one...
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    JRI Vagabond 8Day (late) Report

    Great fishing with you as always John! Few more pics from the trip to add... Hooicide bombs get bit.
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    Ammo Bros

    Saw this on Instagram a couple weeks ago. Looks like Ammo Bros is starting to sell fishing tackle now. Will be interesting to see how they do.
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    Avet HX 5/2

    Selling my HX 5/2. A little bit of boat rash but nothing major. Reel works very well mechanically. 400 yds of 80 lb spectra. Price is $275
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    FS: Sold

    Bump, prices dropped
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    FS: Sold

    All still available.
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    FS: Sold

    Not willing to ship. Sorry I forgot to include that in the original post.
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    FS: Sold

    Selling some stuff that just doesn't get used anymore... Super Seeker 36-8 CT 15-30lb in good condition, some minor scratches in the clear coat but nothing deep. - SOLD Okuma Helios in very good condition. SOLD Abu Garcia Revo MGX in very good condition. SOLD Shimano TLD 30 2 speed with some...