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    Kelps between HB and Catalina, 14 mile bank?

    Heading out from HB tomorrow to take a peek at any kelps where the water looks right, curious if anyone has had any luck in the channel?
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    LB Sundiver Leaves Another Diver Behind

    Any update on this shitshow of a 'dive operation' and this person they killed?
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    And stfu with your snowflake bullshit. You're the snowflake on here whining and making threats mr keyboard warrior. Shut your fucking mouth
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    You are Exactly why I don't use BD anymore. This bullshit right here. And the typical drunk angry fisherman taking their personal problems out on random people. Fishermen in NorCal are far more civil than SoCal.
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Ben is the man for sure. Always busts ass to get on fish
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Every time I've fished with these guys we have killed it. Highly recommend.
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    Fishing with Bongos outside of Newport - 8/4

    Short report. Got some friends together and ran offshore with Ben and Cody from Bongos. Started off slow with a few dry kelps, and then somewhere between Cat and Clemente we spotted some birds and breaking fish. Slow trolled for a few , then got our first hookup shortly thereafter. That...
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    Newport report 7/5/15

    This is why I don't hang out here anymore. So much whining crying and bitching. Stop acting like whiny little girls and go fish. Goddamn
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    130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    blah blah blah, blah blah blah. look at the bigger boats like the enterprise running over foamers, people like you just love to bitch when they can't get bit
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    1/2 day yellows 150

    Headed out on a quick half-day charter 5/23 with the guys from Bongos, Ben and Marty to try and get a few of the yellows out in local waters. Got to the area around 8. Spent the first couple hours slow trolling and drifting...fleet was building around us but we hadn't seen a rod bend as of yet...
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    Offshore out of OC? Fishing Saturday Sept 1?

    Any OP trips going out for dodo, etc? Smaller boat would be awesome! Thx
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    Tattoo artist - fish

    hey charles, I will be in touch.
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    Tattoo artist - fish

    hi folks i am looking to finally get my other half sleeve, dorado, marlin, YFT, salmon, etc. I remember seeing a damn good tat artist posting on BD...can anyone point me in his direction? thanks