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    Lost a Big Fish and More

    I had a pac bay 50 class butt fail this past year. Didn't even have a fish on just the pressure from dragging a manns stretch 50....and it broke below the reel seat. Would've lost the reel and everything if it wasnt clipped in. Pac Bay replaced it....but definitely makes you wonder.
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Pat--thank you for spearheading this. Haven't been on the site for a while but this thread is super helpful on a number of levels. Well done.
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    11-30-14 Rudy and Mike.

    I have to say....that is the most pc account of that last bite that I ever could have imagined...You made me sound like a real gentleman!! For the readers at home, there were about 15 f-bombs dropped in the 3 seconds it took for the fish to swing back through the spread and grab the flat line...
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    kaneohe Bay Done...

    That's an aweoweo....shallow reef fish. Mahi must been feeding in close.
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    Was dead this past weekend. But on the flip side....would be hard for it to get too much slower than it was Sunday...
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    Effects of RIMPAC to slow fishing catches

    Hadn't heard about this....What bait was washing up? In large numbers? Pics?
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    Glad to be fishing again....

    Consistency is a beautiful thing....Keep banging em G!!
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    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    Love the go pro action!! Some solid days on the water!!
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    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    That's a busy and productive weekend!! Awesome work Pat and Captain Nerlie!!!
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    Banks Last Weekend

    My arms are still sore from that freakin shark.
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    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    That's my leg in Tail Spin's picture.....that sh*t sucks. Glad you're ok. Time to cut off the trailers and make a rule that the only mahi's on the deck are dead one's.
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    Arima boat

    I fish with Lockin all the time....that's him and his Arima in the pic. Have a bunch of friends with trailer boats in the same size range you're looking at, and honestly I prefer his Arima over anything else that size that I've fished on. Lot's of deck space, stable, and the boat just seems to...
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    Nalu Kea

    Thanks for the update...the blind mahi saves the day!
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    Kaneohe Friday

    Crushed um!! Good work!!!
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    Research: 1/20 & 2/3

    The Mrs. always seems to bring the luck with her...nicely done!