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    Offshore Kite fish question

    You offer to hook and hand any of the 4?
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    why so many silly/stupid/dumb posts on peoples's why... ^ Here's the tree.
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    What are the coordinates for rockfishing the lower 9?

    Doesn't fishing the lower 9 without docs involve getting chased by Mexican gunboats? I'd rather fish at Costco!
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    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Hoarkin' big Sandovals! Great job, Pops! Yeah. 405 has been coarse the last few days.
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    Is this a thing? (photo)

    OP... Just a little FYI: Yes, it is a thing. I have seen guys fishing with tags and saran wrap on their rods. I think they are hoping to test the rod and then if they don't like it, pass it off as "BNIB" condition if they resell it. Despite it having been fished. Buyers, be aware of curled...
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    Hauling a 12 fiberglass boat in the back of a Mid Size SUV?

    We've done the cartop thing: Not happening again. Think about a utility trailer.
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    NWTF JAKES sign up 6/1.....get your kids signed up!

    I texted, do I need to do anything additional?
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    * Don't take your best stuff on local trips * If you take nice stuff, keep your eyes on it, and have your CDL taped inside sideplates and tucked in behind buttcaps *If it's an open party trip on a sketchy boat, also tape CDL both sides of under reel foot/on seat. Tape over with clear packing...
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    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Try onion powder in the brine, too! We bake them in a similar marinade w/o the salt.
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    Considering Kayak Purchase

    Bow first. Bow seaward on return too, paddling backwards. This way you can abort and paddle back out if you see a huge set.
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    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    I know most people hate to see their pride and joy hanging from a pair of nylon slings, but they have decent rates, and eons of history doing it.
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    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    Owed one of my kids a birthday trip. He was so fired up to go, it was like one one of those overhead pitches that Little League hitters swing at. Launched before midnight. Shared my test run and gave a Mexican bystander a little 300 yard run in the harbor. Offloaded the bystander and we took...
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    18' Cat for SB to Channel Islands

    It should be really economical for solo fishing? Or you and a kid or dog. Don't expect dancing horses if you bring a big adult and a full load.