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    Best Surf Casting wieght 8oz or bigger ??

    My question to the Surf Casting Guru's, what might be a good Goto 8oz lead Surf wieght, for heavy current, I'm towing a 12 foot Penn Prevail Rod, 65lb braid, Shimano open face,small Cut bait rig, any good advice is Welcome, thanks FISHINGUY.
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    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    Well I Don't Drink, but sure like to get that pole bending/drag squalling action !!!!
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    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    White Bass fishing results, with friends, good day for all of us. Using lures and spoons !!!! 7/25/15
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    Delivery Delays on the Andros 12Sa

    Relating to my previous post, If and WHEN, the new reels make it to the USA fishing communities, then I will make a full assessment, heck I'll be fishing in the meanwhile, and look forward to all the GOSSIPING !!!!
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    Okuma Now Hiring Reel Repair Technicians

    Man if I was in my late teens, I would jump at this opportunity !!!!
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    Delivery Delays on the Andros 12Sa

    Well, hate to say it, I did cancel my Pre-order, I really don't need the reel that bad, I have a great arsenal as it is, just needed a "Fix" for my addiction, what I really really need, is a short-range Tuna trip !! So I will take the funds that have been tied up for a year, and forward them...
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    12 Hour Day Trip Chasing Shrimp Boats Freeport Tx

    Give us a good report, And pics
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    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    I'm just going to pray to the fishing Gods, I was just thinking, yea it would be nice to have right know, but out of sight out of mind,I have other rigs that I have fun with and the NEW ANDROS in the back of my mind, assures future fun.
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    Newport report 7/5/15

    Are these pic's of something that's in the Fishin Cookbook ???? Com - On Mann !!!! Ever heard of Catch & Release ???
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    Surf rod/reel combo

    Penn Prevail XH 12' Mount with Penn V 6500 works great, many 40-50 inch fish no problems. It might be a little above budget but very much worth it.
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    News on the Andros 12s

    My 12lls, I'm just being very patient, I know it won't be long, just excited !!!!