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    Will trade fishing equipment for Vintage Copper Cookware

    Hmmm.... I have some beautiful, old, heavy, French copper.
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    If it's saying the picture is too large you can screenshot the picture and than upload, works for me.
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    Tac 12ii and seekers

    Well that was fast
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    Whiskey selection

    That bottle with a few others went in a trade to a fellow member. It's a great tequila.
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    WTB spinning reels

    That is the next move. We have been going to the Marina del Rey inlet and getting him comfortable to the rod and reel and next will be the beach. Personally didn't want to deal with the sand for now.
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    Shimano TN10a

    AM i missing something here. GLWS.
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    Tranx 500pg

    I call seconds after Lau
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    Whiskey selection

    Update to the list, The hibiki harmony, nikka pure malt are sold. Few others went in trade but had multiples. Open to all sorts of fishing related trades. Tell me what you have and I'm most likely interested.
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    Whiskey selection

    Fishingdad submitted a new listing: Whiskey selection - Whiskey selection Learn more about this listing...
  10. Whiskey selection

    Southern California Whiskey selection

    Hey All, Time to say goodbye to some unopened bottles of whiskey and a few nice tequila. Have multiple of a few bottles. Combination of things means no more drinking for this guy. Willing to sell or trade for some fishing gear, everything from tackle to reels and rods. I'm in LA. Prices vary.
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    He messaged me too about some spinning combos. But.........What if Michael does actually have everything everyone on here wants?
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    2014 Parker 2520 XLD

    And here I was already planning my first fishing trip. Good look with selling the boat, It sure is beautiful.
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    2014 Parker 2520 XLD

    Sounds like we have ourselves a good ole bidding war! I'm at $101