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    Are they a real retailer?

    I get all my stuff from them, been doing so for yrs. Always easy, quick, and helpful staff. My most recent toy from them was the roller tackle bag they just manufactured = like it alot!
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    Online tackle store?

    give a shot. I use them a lot!
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    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    for someone that you did business - apparently a lot of business with, you obviously liked his product to use and sell for a long time. your first 1.5 paragraphs is pretty shitty. Its kind of like your kicking him just because hes 80 yrs old and cant fish anymore... some of that other stuff...
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    BD Sponsor - Hobbytron

    ok good - ive seen their adds while looking on BD, their adds have popped up in the same spots as your advertisers - thought maybe they paid you guys for this month. thank you
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    BD Sponsor - Hobbytron

    I see a lot of advertisements about hobbytron on here. Not to bore anyone, but I made the mistake of buying 1 of their items. Long story short I got my $ back after getting dicked around and scammed by them. It was only then I decided to read their facebook page which is filled with about...
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    Accurate vs Avet Customer Service

    your stuck on this customer service issue, had you called them and they blew you off or treated you like shit when you told them you were ready to buy 1,2, 12 or 13 reels, then you might have a complaint. Without that, you got nothing to compare.
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    Accurate vs Avet Customer Service

    So, you are a fishing guide, a customer emails you and another guide to ask some questions. You dont get the email for whatever reason (or maybe you emailed them back and it went into their spam folder) and the other guide got what your potential businesses because of your shitty...
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    What shop has the Raider jigs

    thanks, called Outkast and they are shipping them to me today. I will give that rigging method a shot, thanks for tip
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    What shop has the Raider jigs

    no longer needed
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    Tackle for 11 day

    if you have none of your gear, get ready to spend a good amount of $ but it will be worth it What do you have of your own? your need fluoro - up to 130lb (no less than 100lb) some salas jigs - 6xjr, 6x heavy, raiders & or sea strike jigs if you can find those online) plenty of hooks there is...
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    Making wind-ons

    What size hollow do you guys use to make wind-ons in 60, 80, and 100lb Tried using 100 lb and 130 and can not feed the line after finishing the loop. The 60lb needle gets stuck after about 6"
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    Avet SX RAPTOR (Blue)

    :slap::slap: That's called a dick move. :rofl::slap::slap::slap::slap: Here is a free bump for a good reel/price
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    How's the hotel buena vista?

    going in 2 months - cant wait
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    Avet MXJ 5.8 - Green - Brand New

    Anyone need a green Avet, went through my stuff and didnt even know I had this.... Its brand new - never even had line put on it. Pm if you want it and paypal accepted. $150.00 - with shipping and gift paypal.