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    06-01-2020 Where to go???

    Going out on a private boat Monday, where are they biting? Bf, Yf or Yt Our plan right now is the back side of Catalina, leaving out of Seal Beach
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    SOLD Accurate Boss Twin Drag 665H Reel
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    TRADE Just checking..
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    For Sale Fenwick, Shimano, rainshadow, Phenix rods Reduced!

    I'll take the Fenwick. I work in LaVern and can pick up on Monday.
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    For Sale Sold,!

    How are these compared to a penn phantom 40N 2 speed????
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    Choosing The Right Hook

    I like Mustad hooks myself but have Owner mutu circle hooks. I myself have both circle and J hooks in different sizes depending on the bait size.
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    Reel for throwing iron???

    I understand for throwing irons 40#-50# line is best. What reel do you all think is the best? Star drag? 2spd? Lever drag? Smaller reel like newell 229, saltiest BG30 or newell 338, saltiest BG40? Note: for some reason the "search" button would not work and yes I did go back a few pages to look.
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    Offshore Tackle Bags

    I had the Turners backpack and loved it.
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    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Engines yes generator is still running
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    First 1.5 gear check

    I would say yes (I am sure there are 3 people here that would say take it). You can always drop the 30# down if needed. I went two weeks ago and fished 40# and 50#, the 50# two speed made easy work on a 80# Bluefin.
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    First 1.5 gear check

    What boat are you going out on? What are they going to target? That all sounds right. If going for Bluefin I would drop the 25lb set up. Bait has been small 1 and 1/0 hooks
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    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Are you trying to tell people to slow down???
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    For Sale Price drop. Rods(UC, Truline, Sabre, Roddy, Seeker, fenwick, lami

    How much does it cost to get a blank finished? I know it all depends on what guides and wrap but in general. Thanks
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    For Sale Owner Ringed Pocket Packs

    How much would shipping be? Bump
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    How should I set up for a 1.5 day with the gear I have?

    Just got back from my trip. The New Lo-An killed it. Limits for everyone. A 50# 2spd worked best for me. With the 2spd I was able to crank little by little and with 50# it was easier to pull on the fish without worry of breaking off. Fish were caught on 40#-60# with 1/0 hooks either J or circle.