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    50visx line capacity

    I got 750 yards of 130lb pro spec solid with room for a 10 yard top shot of 200lb
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    Calstar GFX800H

    I have a GFX700h and it’s killer 40lb rod for fishing straight spectra. Definitely has a softer tip and more parabolic.
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    WTB Wanted: Shimano tranx 500 clamp

    anyone have a tiburon clamp for sale? Pm me please thanks
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    SOLD Tranx 500 and fathom 40 star drag

    Would you be willing to sell the clamp separately? I’m in Glendora and can pick up tonight
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    TRQ40NLD2 - How many yards of spectra can you fill?

    I got 550 yards of 80lb Daiwa boat braid on mine with room for a small top shot
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    power handles for Penn Torques and Fathoms

    Any idea if the new visx handles fit on the torques?
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    HALCO 195 HAYMAKERS $18 Willimason Popper $13

    PM'ed. Changed my mind I'll take all 3 of the halco poppers. Shoot me a text to arrange pickup