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    Rod/Reel Clamp for Lexa 300 CC???

    I was told that theres a decent rod/reel clamp made that works with Lexa 300s... Is that fact? If so, any info on where i could purchase one would be highly appreciated!!! Thanks alot!
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    ALL SOLD- thanks BD

    Hey bro. Im in L.A. but ill drive rightnow to get it. $150 in hand!!!
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    Does any one know of spottys in MDR

    the last spot i caught maybe 2 months ago. And i was footin it on the jetties... theyre in there just gotta work the most likely places that will hold em
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    Marina Del Rey

    I dont know about them dying off but MDR never has really had the numbers of the big harbors to the south to begin with, so time has to be put in. Good lucc tho. Hit me up next time u go... Im always down for a MDR sesh
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    Hardbaits and spotties

    Norman N Series...
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Well, i mean jigging with jax jigs, pt wilson darts, magic metals, and the like.
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Ok. makes total sense. Let me ask you this, if you had no other alternative, would you use the black diamond youre using for jigging for say, shrimp flys, and or simple drop loops with strip baits (squid, rockfish, mackeral) And thank you! I appreciate your input, sir!
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    well, since i plan on using it for bait, i dont mind a more moderate tip. I plan on using the rod for bait and light jigging for bottomfish. how do u thik it would do for those applications. what would be a better choice for those applications if the Abyss isnt the optimal decision to go with?
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Im thinkin about buyin a Phenix Abyss for the Accurate. And apparently according to one person i know, i should get rid of the Lunas because they suck and theyre trash... SMH... Stupid biased bastard
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    put em on my old californian tournament series rods. they match up quite nicely. the accurate i put on a rod of unknown blank maker, but it matches up with the fury nicnicely as well. I decided i wanna get two phenix m1 blanks for the lunas, and a calstar or seeker for the accurate. thanks for...
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    Damn, no suggestions on what rod blanks i should get? I want one for the Luna, an eight foot blank that would be good for 1-4 ounce baits, and a blank that I can use with the accurate fury 400. Preferably one thats not too thick, because i want to put a trigger handle on that one as well.
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    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    I was wondering what opinions and feedback you guys have when it comes to the Daiwa Luna series, specifically the 253. My buddy says i made a mistake and shoulda went with a Calcutta, but im a Daiwa man. Also, i want to put my brand new Accurate Fury 400 two speed on a custom wrapped trigger...
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    NEW Okuma Komodo 364P

    Where on earth are the power handle versions in stock?!? I cant find one anywhere!
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    Solo Bass Hunter (Buyer Pick Up)

    Hows it goin fellas! I hate to interrupt your day, and Im sort of embarrassed to put it in this forum, but Im selling my Solo Bass Hunter. Its been used, but still in very excellent condition. Im including the trolling motor, 3 batteries, an anchor, emergency paddle, anchor rope, dock rope, Bass...
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    Surf Report 4/03/2013

    Well, I headed south today to try my luck at some fat Perch, or whatever wanted to hit the hardbait... My bait of choice today was an Owner Ripn Minnow 65. Dont know what the exact color was, but it has a nice wobble when retrieved with a slow steady cadence... I cast to a...